No laughing matter, us women deserve exceptional underwear!

  I was at a friend’s birthday party the other day and was chatting with an old friend who said to me, half laughing “so I hear you are selling incontinence panties, hee, hee?” I looked him in the eye and said “well yes they can definitely work for light bladder weakness which did you know […]

Don’t ‘dis’ it, it’s healthy and normal, but you can take ‘charge’ of it!

  There are many annoying things in life, but until I developed my underwear range one of my pet dislikes (along with shaving my legs and flossing my teeth) was vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge just seemed to me a huge annoyance except for when it was needed, wink wink. However, when trying to conceive my […]

Discharge is normal, but if left can be a catalyst for vaginal infection and odour

Vaginal discharge is often unwanted, especially as it feels wet and can result in leakage through underwear. But despite feeling icky, it is perfectly normal to have 1 teaspoon a day of white or transparent, thick to thin, odourless discharge.  This normal discharge is formed by the bacteria and fluids the vaginal cells naturally put off. Just before […]

15,000 – the number of disposable liners/tampons used by 1 woman during her menstrual years

This number of disposable liners/tampons is approximately equal to 120-150kg of landfill per woman. So visualise yourself now throwing away around 50 rubbish bags of liners/tampons. How does that feel? Disposables also use high tech chemicals such as super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs), surfactant-laced gels and leak-proof plastic backings – are damaging to our environment, and yet […]

I do it when I wake up – kegels, kegels, kegels that is

While my Modibodi underwear is great for keeping women secure and confident on those days when hormones, muscles, weather or activity levels just aren’t being kind, it is still very important for all of us women, especially post childbirth, to work on strengthening our pelvic floor muscles to prevent severe incontinence or potential prolapse. We […]

9 out of 10 pregnant women report increased smelly discharge and vaginal odor

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology report that around 9 out of every 10 pregnant women experience an unusual vaginal odor or smelly discharge. According to ACOG “the reason is normally harmless, and caused solely be the immense amount of hormone secretions and overworking sebaceous sweat glands in the vaginal area that are stimulated […]

Fit facebook mum apology – my views on it

Have you read the article yet creating controversy today “Fit facebook mom apologises after post pregnancy photo draws criticism” read on-   Personally I dont feel bad about myself when I see her photo. Kang obviously didnt gain the weight or have any body scars or stretches that many women get during pregnancy. She was […]

Pregnancy can cause heavier discharge, but what is normal?

From about nine weeks of pregnancy many women will experience heavier discharge and most likely the discharge will continue to be heavy throughout the entire pregnancy. The reason for the increase is the vaginal area is receiving more blood supply due to various hormonal changes in the body, which consequently produces more discharge. Normal looking […]

Light Bladder Leaks and Incontinence are more common than you think

Light bladder leakage (LBL) and otherwise known as stress incontinence or urge incontinence, is when someone accidentally leaks a little bit of urine. The surprising news is that despite the subject remaining quite unspoken of, it is very common and actually happens to 1 in 3 Australian women over the age of 35 years of […]