I do it when I wake up – kegels, kegels, kegels that is

While my Modibodi underwear is great for keeping women secure and confident on those days when hormones, muscles, weather or activity levels just aren’t being kind, it is still very important for all of us women, especially post childbirth, to work on strengthening our pelvic floor muscles to prevent severe incontinence or potential prolapse. We […]

9 out of 10 pregnant women report increased smelly discharge and vaginal odor

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology report that around 9 out of every 10 pregnant women experience an unusual vaginal odor or smelly discharge. According to ACOG “the reason is normally harmless, and caused solely be the immense amount of hormone secretions and overworking sebaceous sweat glands in the vaginal area that are stimulated […]

Fit facebook mum apology – my views on it

Have you read the article yet creating controversy today “Fit facebook mom apologises after post pregnancy photo draws criticism” read on- http://myfox8.com/2013/10/16/fit-facebook-mom-apologizes-after-post-pregnancy-photo-draws-criticism/   Personally I dont feel bad about myself when I see her photo. Kang obviously didnt gain the weight or have any body scars or stretches that many women get during pregnancy. She was […]

Pregnancy can cause heavier discharge, but what is normal?

From about nine weeks of pregnancy many women will experience heavier discharge and most likely the discharge will continue to be heavy throughout the entire pregnancy. The reason for the increase is the vaginal area is receiving more blood supply due to various hormonal changes in the body, which consequently produces more discharge. Normal looking […]

Light Bladder Leaks and Incontinence are more common than you think

Light bladder leakage (LBL) and otherwise known as stress incontinence or urge incontinence, is when someone accidentally leaks a little bit of urine. The surprising news is that despite the subject remaining quite unspoken of, it is very common and actually happens to 1 in 3 Australian women over the age of 35 years of […]

The truth about body shape post baby

I recently saw an interview in the media with three amazing mothers who talk about their experience dealing with their own expectations of body shape post baby. If you have ever felt alone and worried about your own shape then I encourage you to check out www.theshapeofamother.com for some real mum’s perspectives and photos of […]

How to buy the right size undies when you are pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I do hope you are feeling well! I like pregnancy, well apart from the nausea and chronic reflux, but thankfully the nausea subsides and the reflux can be treated. I gained about 10-12kg during my pregnancies, and this extra weight gain meant I required some bigger underpants. I thought it would […]

Sweaty groin? Here’s why and how to fix it

Sweating is a natural bodily response to regulate body temperature. In a hot climate like Australia and during exercise our crotch area is unfortunately prone to unwanted sweating. Like the underarms, the crotch area is packed with sweat glands (apocrine and eccrine). Much of the regular underwear we wear uses fabrics that either absorb moisture […]

Parenting Australia Blog – Mumpreneur Kristy Chong’s journey from corporate to creator of new Modibodi, smart underwear designed to resist little leaks, stains and odour

Not long after the birth of my second child I came to the realisation that while I had lots of stylish cotton and synthetic underwear, from a functional perspective my underwear was failing me. I was experiencing the occasional light bladder leak, which was not a nice problem to have. While I felt I was […]