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Behind the Scenes: Modibodi 2017 Shoot

Six beautiful models arrived at Elevate Dance Studio last week, ready to take on the first Modibodi shoot of 2017!

Our shoot occurred just a week before Mothers Day, so we were really feeling the love. Especially with the addition of our amazing mother daughter duo Jahmila and Bernie, these two are amazing and just radiated positivity all day, so we were so happy to have them as a part of our shoot! We also shot our very special Mothers Day video featuring Sabine and little Aria, which encapsulated the joys of motherhood and the special bond shared. Modibodi Model 2017 Sabine and Aria

Our other models Ella, Saki, Sabine and Vari were all so different and really brought their own special energy to the shoot. We had themes ranging from ballet to boxing and everything in between. It really showcased the versatility of the Modibodi range to take you from day to night seamlessly and keep you covered and protected when you're being active. And of course, doing it all in style.

This photoshoot was so exciting and important for us, as it showcased the latest arrival to the Modibodi family - The Seamfree Range. This has been a long awaited addition to the collection, using specialised heat fused technology which means you'll never have to worry about visible panty lines again! We can hear a sigh of relief being breathed by women everywhere. The models were extremely excited to try these on, and we are even more excited for them to launch so everyone can have a pair of their own! Kristy featured in a few videos explaining the benefits of these products and we've already had so many comments from women who cant wait to get their hands on a pair!

The shoot also featured our Sensual, Classic and Active range. All the models really brought something really special, and we loved that Saki and Jahmila are such amazing dancers who really showcased the flexible, breathable nature of our Modibodi garments. Modibodi BTS 2017 Huddle


Everyone gathers round to look over the shots 

Each model was completely different and brought something extremely unique to the shoot. If you want to put a face to a name then stay tuned for our 'Meet the Modibodi Models' blogs which will be coming soon. All the women involved were chosen for a reason and we're excited to shine the spotlight on the amazing women who made the shoot such a success.

Founder Kristy worked very closely with the models and photographer Mick to ensure each photo captured a special moment in time and that the unique personalities of all models came through. This photoshoot marked a very important time for Modibodi as a company as we get ready to launch a new range and welcome back garments that have been in high demand! Founder Kristy and Photographer Mick

If you didnt see, we also had Jade (AKA Hipster Mum) taking over our socials for the day which was so exciting! It was so great to be able to capture all of the special behind the scenes moments, introduce the models to you, have a chat with Kristy about the new seam free range AND bring you some beauty tips for glowing winter skin. If you missed the amazing insta stories then don't worry, just head to the Modibodi Instagram page where we'll be posting pictures for a sneak preview.

Of course, a massive thank you to our hair and makeup team. You know we're all about real, raw beauty and wanted a team that understood this and ensured all our lovely models could feel confident and beautiful. Its all about enhancing natural beauty, not modifying it, and our stylists Kirsty and Sophie really nailed this. Modibodi BTS 2017 Makeup Table Modibodi Model Ella Makeup

The beautiful Modibodi model Ella getting her makeup done 

Now that theres so much buzz around our next major shipment (arriving in June) be sure to head to our pre-register page HERE to indicate your interest and to be notified as soon as the new styles land on the website. Our list is growing bigger everyday so you definitely don't want to miss out! Modibodi 2017 BTS Table

So much Modibodi... Every womans' dream! 



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