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Meet Modibodi’s New Brand Ambassador,Taboo Busting Rosie Waterland

We are very excited to announce our newest brand ambassador, comedian, best-selling author, screenwriter, podcaster and all-round funny girl Rosie Waterland to help break down barriers and taboos around periods and incontinence.

Rosie will appear as Modibodi’s first guest in our web series the “The Mentionables” launching this month. It will feature different Australian personalities talking with Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder, and CEO. The Mentionables Series aims to discuss issues surrounding matters on periods and other female topics which are often left out of mainstream media.

Kristy Chong, Modibodi Founder states “At Modibodi we aim to empower all women to be themselves, and since the beginning we have stood for diversity and the representation of real women, which means we choose to use women in our marketing that represent a diverse range of shapes, sizes, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and age, and we choose not to photoshop any part of the model.”

“We chose Rosie because we really wanted to work with someone who truly believes in our mission to make taboos mentionable, and who would want to work with us to communicate this message that you can be outside of what media and society says is normal and still love life, be fierce and feel amazingly confident!”

Rosie says about her engagement as an ambassador for Modibodi: “It’s so important to me to see women who look like me be represented in fashion campaigns. Seeing women of different body types actually allowed to have fun with clothes and look fabulous while doing it has done wonders for my body confidence. Hopefully seeing me enjoying myself, wearing a product that I truly love, and actually being included in a mainstream campaign will help other women be a little more confident in their bodies. Just like seeing other women accepted and represented in mainstream media has done for me. Plus - did I mention the PERIOD DISAPPEARING MAGIC?!? “ rosie waterland ambassador kristy chong “Periods, discharge, bladder leaks and sweat are all considered “taboo” in today’s society, and you won’t find a TV journalist or TV personality mentioning these words on Aussie TV even though it’s most likely the majority of their audience would experience them in their lifetime. So we thought if they are not going to have the discussion, then we will,” said Kristy.

Rosie says, “Women constantly have all kinds of stuff leaking out of them - let’s talk about it and deal with it in innovative ways! Modibodi stands for more choice for women. For so long, women and girls have had such limited options when it comes to dealing with periods and incontinence. Not only has Modibodi offered a new and environmentally friendly way to handle these completely normal parts of life, it also offers the choice to talk about these issues openly and freely.”

One of Modibodi’s core pillars is empowerment, empowering women no matter their socio-economic status, religion, issues or where in the world they live. Modibodi actively supports identities, causes, and organisations that champion the empowerment of women.

Rosie joins other Modibodi ambassadors including Paralympian Rae Anderson & The Fit Mummy Project’s Kimmy Smith and Eco-Warrior Charlotte Rose Mellis.


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