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  • Mission empowerment: Modibodi™ organisations and causes we support

    Our mission at Modibodi ™ is to empower all women and we believe no woman should be held back or feel ashamed because of their body no matter their age, social status or demographics. Modibodi ™ has partnered with Australian organisations that reflect a similar ethos and we celebrate them here.[...]
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  • Love Modibodi™, try it for 30 days risk free! The Modibodi™ promise.

    We know that it can be risky trying something new, and sometimes the fear of something not working leads us to not trying. Well, we can promise you with Modibodi ™ it is worth taking the risk. We are a brand that has taken regular underwear and made it exceptionally better for you. We not only[...]
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  • The face and brains behind Australian fash-tech label Modibodi™

    The brains behind Australian Fash-tech label Modibodi™, Kristy Chong inspires us with this quick Q&A What makes you the most proud to be a woman? I am most proud to be a woman because now more than ever in history women have choices and we have a voice. So even if things aren’t always eq[...]
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  • Urinary incontinence, light bladder leaks - not just an Aged Care problem!

    A wrench, a screwdriver, perhaps some replacement washers can usually fix an irritating, water robbing leaky tap. Women faced with a leaky bladder can only hope a fix is that easy. According to the The Continence Foundation of Australia, more than 4.8 million Australians experience urinary inco[...]
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  • News just in: Barbie has a new body...Curvy, Petite, Tall and more!

    Faced with changes in beauty ideals, shifting demographics and ongoing criticism of Barbie’s impossible proportions, Mattel™ decided to remake the iconic blonde. The new body shapes follow the addition of new skin tones and hair textures last year (2015). Nearly every girl in the western world [...]
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  • Just like regular underwear....how to best care for your Modibodi underwear

    Welcome to the next evolution of women's underwear, designed in Australia, and made for women by a woman who knows firsthand what women really need in underwear. Modibodi is the most comfortable women’s underwear in the world. Because we believe comfort equals awesome fit, great feel and hi-tec[...]
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  • Blood on the tracks: travel, menstruation and those other leaks  

    December. The time of year when our calendars are filled with end-of-year meetings, parties and travel itineraries. Catching up with colleagues, friends and family in other cities can be fun, but extensive time on the road takes its toll on our bodies. I have personally travelled a lot, from Ch[...]
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  • How to host a baby shower your friend will enjoy

    Feel like everyone around you is pregnant? Let our tips help you host a baby shower to honour and celebrate any friend transitioning into a new phase of life. When to do it In Australia, baby showers commonly take place when the mum-to-be is in the eighth month of pregnancy. Depending on your p[...]
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  • How your Modibodi are made: the benefits of technology in fashion

    Love wearing Modibodi? You’re in good company. We know one of the first things that Modibodi customers do is tell friends and family about their new find. But are you struggling to explain what “period-proof” or “leak-proof underwear” actually is? Read on to learn how our fashionable, high-tech[...]
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  • How to deal with your daughter’s first period

    Hands up if you grew up reading Judy Blume’s young adult novel Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret? Chances are the protagonist’s first period is forever etched in your memory. Especially if you read the book around the time your own first period was due, and baulked at the idea of using the b[...]
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