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  • We're now Shipping with Compostable Packaging!

    You can sleep better tonight because we are happy to announce that we are now shipping with 100% compostable bags!
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  • Q&A With A Doula

    So, what’s a doula? Different from midwives, doulas are not medical professionals. They provide emotional, educational, spiritual, and physical support to families during pregnancy, labor, and birth. We sat down with Natasha Wiess a doula in California to answer some of our questions. Trigger warning: some answers deal with difficult births and might upset some people.

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  • What's In My Modibodi?

    Modibodi was created to challenge the tired menstrual hygiene industry, and offer the market a reusable alternative to disposable pads, tampons and liners - of which, contain plastics and toxins that can be harmful to our bodies and the environment
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  • Real Customers

    We reached out and got in touch with some of our amazing customers to ask them what they really thought.. Together we created our first TV commercial!  Take a look below:     Have you tried Modibodi yet?  MB xx                  
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  • Giving Back in 2019

    Guess what? Half the Worlds’ population menstruates. These people deserve safe access to sanitary products. While some may take this for granted, there are many disadvantaged people and communities that do not have access, lack education, or cannot afford basic sanitary products. In India, 70% [...]
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  • Meet our Bravemumma: Steph Thompson

    Here at Modibodi we find ourselves constantly inspired by incredible people who challenge the status quo and shed light on issues that are so prominent yet remain invisible. Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Steph Thompson from Bravemumma.
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  • Things your period says about your health

    At some point in your life, you’ve probably thought about the inconvenience of having your period. Each month, we have to deal with a week of cramps, headaches, moodiness, and just an overall feeling of blah. On the other hand, your period also serves as an important indication of what’s going on in your overall health. Here are some signals your period can reveal about your well-being!
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  • Everything you need to know about menstrual cups

    Have you been considering Menstrual Cups but have more questions than answers? How do they work? How often do I change? Look no further, everything you need to know is just a click away.
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  • Want to know more about Modibodi the business?

    Modibodi began in late 2013, but it took almost two years to design, develop, and test our first range of underwear. We now have loads more underwear styles, swimwear, maternity-wear and active-wear. From periods and discharge, light bladder leakage and weak pelvic floors to perspiration, pong and pesky breast milk leaks, Modibodi has got every bodi covered.

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  • Not-so-fantastic plastic! Join Modibodi in Plastic Free July

    Whether you're a Plastic-Free Beginner looking to kick old habits or a Plastic-Free Warrior whose (almost) got Plastic Free July in the (reusable) bag, check out Modibodi's hot take on binning single-use plastic for good.
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