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  • Let’s get bloody heavy. It’s time to talk menorrhagia.

    It’s time to talk about HEAVY periods, or menorrhagia...a condition that’s not uncommon, that’s hard to pronounce and that’s probably not talked about as often as it should be. We’ve chatted to three women who suffer (every single month) to find out what it’s really like, how it affects their lives and what, if anything, they can do about it. But first, what IS menorrhagia?

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  • Period blood colour – what does it mean?

    Pink, red, black, brown, orange or grey? Nope, not a new kind of rainbow, it’s the spectrum of colours of period blood you might see at different stages of your cycle. But what’s normal, and which colours are cause for concern? We’ve dived into the colour wheel to give you the flowdown...

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  • Your postpartum body: what to expect

    Your postpartum body...might not be quite what you expected. You’re not alone here. We chatted with midwives Karen Fiebig and Holly Smith, naturopath and doula Claire Eden and registered nurse Georgia Avery to help you prepare for your postpartum journey – blood clots, boobs, baby blues, first poos...and all.

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  • My postpartum journey was...terrifying

    Popular influencer and co-host of the Beyond the Bump podcast, Jayde Couldwell describes her last postpartum experience as ‘depressing, dark, lonely, sad’ and ‘one of the scariest’ times of her life. We chatted to Jayde about her experience with postnatal depression and the importance of speaking up and seeking help if something doesn’t feel right.  

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  • The first time I became a mother, my relationship with my body was turned upside down

    ‘The first time I became a mother, the relationship I had with my body was completely turned upside down. I felt like my body was disloyal because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. The changes, so many changes: soft belly, huge nipples, stretch marks, leaking breasts, tired beyond belief...and so, so sore. I wish I had known that this was all OK and normal, that it was talked about more, instead of the narrative focusing on bodies ‘bouncing back’ and the unreal concept of being a ‘yummy mummy’.’

    We chat to Embrace filmmaker Taryn Brumfitt about her personal postpartum experience...

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  • The most unexpected aspect of postpartum for me was that at 23, I would end up incontinent

    After a traumatic birth, Shani Cantel suffered (in silence) with incontinence after giving birth. She shares her story of not ‘bouncing back’ after baby and coming to terms with her new body. 

    How would I describe my postpartum journey? Unpredictable, scary, confusing and liberating. I was really naïve and it was unlike anything I’d been told my postpartum life...and body...would be.

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  • Reclaiming your body after childbirth

    The thought of sex postpartum can seem daunting for new parents, especially given all the factors at play: recovery from delivery, potential baby blues, your new identity as a parent, a changed body...and exhaustion.

    So it’s no surprise if sex is not a priority. It may even be a source of anxiety.

    We put your questions to psycho-sexologist Chantelle Otten to find out when, how and why to reclaim your postpartum body for bonding, intimacy and pleasure...even if right now you think you’ll never be in the mood again.

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  • Postpartum bleeding truths: it’s NOT just like a period

    Got questions about postpartum bleeding? Wondering what to expect? First things first, it’s NOT the same as a period (unless your periods drag on for several weeks), and while you may have enjoyed not having a period for the past 9-ish months, the postpartum period brings the bleeding back – often somewhat unexpectedly, and heavily.

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  • Midwives’ top breastfeeding tips

    Breastfeeding can be a joy and a bonding experience, but it takes preparation, patience, practice and the right support. We chatted to midwife and lactation consultant Hannah Willsmore, and midwives Karen Fiebig and Holly Smith for their tips and advice on what to expect at the beginning, how to set yourself up for success, and where to seek support.

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  • The smell of his head, his soft body curled on mine...those first few days were calm ecstasy

    After losing five babies before him, Laksmi Wilson shares her postpartum homecoming with baby Harvey... those first few days were filled with the most pleasant, all-encompassing emotion I had ever known. It was an experience of utter contentment. The smell of his head, his soft robust body curled on mine. I can only describe those first few days as calm ecstasy.  

    November heat, naked skin and naps on the couch. Nothing bothered me and I couldn’t imagine ever feeling bothered again.  

    I don’t know if it was being a second time mum, hormones after a drug-free birth, or the babies I lost trying to bring him earth-side but everything felt...perfect. It ended, of course it did. And with it came my milk. (TW: miscarriage) 

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