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  • Making sex education queer inclusive

    Kath Ebbs is a proud queer feminist from Sydney and high school graduate who is campaigning for queer topics to be included in the sexual education curriculum. 
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  • Exercise, periods and Peaches Pilates

    Peaches Pilates founder Tori Clapham isn’t just about toned tums and buns, she’s also a firm believer in the positive impact Pilates has on your mental health, with her brand earning a cult following for its classes positive body image events, retreats and healthy approach to diet and exercise – including with your period.  
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  • The moment I dread in gym class... Leaks

    There’s a moment in every gym class I dread. The instructor suddenly decides to add a burst of cardio to a usually safe weights class, a sudden ‘let me see 20 star jumps’ or ‘let’s swap our regular squats for jump squats’. How about let’s not. You see I choose my classes carefully because since having three (unreasonably large) babies, my bladder’s been, well, pretty temperamental. I haven’t set foot on a trampoline in 18 years, I don’t do aerobics (does anyone?), I avoid boot camp (sprints and burpees aren’t leaky bladder friendly) and I don’t run. 

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  • Sexual consent is essential education

    At Modibodi, our brand ethos is to create limitless positive impact and to do this we push for change. Recent news coverage in Australia on sexual consent and the lack of it among school aged children is a call to action. It is clear that more sexual consent education and open discussion is essential. Together we are calling for change here’s how you can help. 
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  • I'm 24 and I poo in a bag

    When you poo into a bag on the outside of your body, it can be hard to have body confidence, but Billie Anderson is breaking taboos and sharing her journey from young university student to body acceptance advocate to help us realise that all bodies are beautiful…and that difference should be celebrated.  
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  • 7 ways periods & pleasure go together – by Rosie Rees

    We asked leading Sex & Relationship Coach, Rosie Rees, for her top tips to enjoy sex on your period…"For me, there’s never been separation between pleasure and menstruation (in my mind!). Stereotypically, period sex has always had a squeamish, negative stigma attached to it, however there is no need to avoid sexual play during your period

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  • Single and 36 with ovarian cancer - Nancy’s story

    I was unwell for about six months before I found out I had ovarian cancer. I hated my job, my boss was a bully and I was under constant pressure. The first sign was random sharp abdominal pains that would come and go. Next I started getting what I now know are ‘classic’ symptoms – bloating, feeling full quickly, frequent urination – but I just put it down to work stress and exhaustion.  
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  • Who Inspires You?

    We love working alongside inspiring activists that are challenging the system and creating change within their communities, and the world. ⁠Lauren Ritchie is a 19-year-old climate activist, writer, podcast host, and third-year student from The Bahamas studying Sustainable Development and Political Science at Columbia University.

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  • Activists That Inspire Us - Laura Wells

    This year, our commitments to being even more sustainable and helping you be sustainable too, is our number one priority. We’ll be introducing activists from around the world that inspire us to do better and learn about their journeys campaigning for a better planet. Meet Laura Wells!

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  • What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

    Any new mum will tell you that having a baby has the ability to change your body quite dramatically. While it’s easy to spot the external changes, internal changes can be a little trickier to track - with many mums ignoring their postpartum pelvic floor. Many doctors will recommend that you kick start your pelvic floor exercises again after giving birth to help you heal quickly and guard against accidental urine leaks. Sarah is a Pelvic Floor and Continence Physiotherapist and deals with areas including pregnancy, postnatal, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary and faecal incontinence, sexual pain and musculoskeletal pain.
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