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Debunking Myths About Swimming On Your Period

The Clams Incontinence Period Swimwear Modibodi

With Modibodi swimwear, there’s no need to miss out on going to the beach or relaxing poolside. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post dedicated to how powerful and protective our swimwear is against spotting, light bladder leaks and light periods – those posts will come later, this post is dedicated to busting […]

Essentials for the On-The-Go Woman – Tips for Packing like a Pro

Girl on the move and girl on a mission.  There are some things we just can’t live without, those little saviours that we use on a daily basis and can’t imagine ever parting with. Well there’s no reason they should be left at home while you’re packing up for your next travel adventure. We all […]

Urinary incontinence, light bladder leaks – not just an Aged Care problem!

A wrench, a screwdriver, perhaps some replacement washers can usually fix an irritating, water robbing leaky tap. Women faced with a leaky bladder can only hope a fix is that easy. According to the The Continence Foundation of Australia, more than 4.8 million Australians experience urinary incontinence (UI) or bowel control problems. These conditions leave […]

Blood on the tracks: travel, menstruation and those other leaks  

Modibodi Travel blog

  December. The time of year when our calendars are filled with end-of-year meetings, parties and travel itineraries. Catching up with colleagues, friends and family in other cities can be fun, but extensive time on the road takes its toll on our bodies. I have personally travelled a lot, from China to Mexico, Italy to […]