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Meet Modibodi’s New Brand Ambassador,Taboo Busting Rosie Waterland


We are very excited to announce our newest brand ambassador, comedian, best-selling author, screenwriter, podcaster and all-round funny girl Rosie Waterland to help break down barriers and taboos around periods and incontinence. Rosie will appear as Modibodi’s first guest in our web series the “The Mentionables” launching this month. It will feature different Australian personalities […]


Women of the Year Awards © Salty Dingo 2018-22980

CEO and Modibodi™ founder Kristy Chong has been awarded NSW Business Woman of the Year in the 2018 at a gala reception to celebrate International Women’s Day. With hundreds of entrants, a panel of leading NSW women selected Kristy as the winner from four finalists. The NSW Business Woman of the Year Award recognises excellence in business in NSW […]

World First Sustainable Period Project

Sustainable Period Blog

Modibodi together with Lunette Menstrual Cups has launched our Sustainable Period Project in Australia and New Zealand. This is the first step towards changing people’s mindsets about disposable sanitary items and ultimately encouraging them to make more sustainable choices. The project is a world-first collaboration with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest sustainable and reusable […]

World Retail Award Start up of the Year Finalist 2018


We are excited to announce Modibodi is a Finalist in the Retail Start-Up of the Year Awards 2018 run by World Retail Awards. With hundreds of entrants, a host of Aussie retailers have made the shortlist of the 2018 World Retail Awards including Modibodi. The Retail Start-Up of the Year Award is a new category […]

How Modibodi’s Game-Changing Underwear Keeps You Dry During Your Period  

Fact: Not all undies are created equal. A lot, and we mean A LOT of time, effort and high tech wizardry have gone into making the world’s most comfortable and protective period-proof, pee-proof underwear. But we don’t mind. Because here at Modibodi we happen to think ALL ladies deserve to feel comfy, dry and confident […]

6 Ways to Feel Extra Sassy this Valentine’s Day

Modibodi Valentines Day

It’s that time of year again, lovers. Thankfully, whether you’re spending it snuggling with your man or dancing with your gals, we’re here to help you make sure this Feb 14th is hotter than a Hemsworth! So, go on, eat your heart out with these six easy ways to feel extra sassy this Valentine’s Day. […]

5 Check Ups All Women Should Have in the New Year

Modibodi Womens Health

New year, new you? Maybe. But we happen to think you’re pretty great just as you are! However, we DO think it’s really important to start the new year right by taking stock of your health. From top to toe and down below, here are 5 essential health checks every woman should have in the […]

6 Pairs of Undies We Don’t Want to Receive this Christmas

Modibodi period and bladder leak underwear

Underwear is a good Christmas gift – great, even – but why oh why does the gift giver sometimes get it so very wrong? Maybe it’s the sound of Michael Bublé on repeat that sends shoppers loopy at this time of year. Or maybe our nearest and dearest just don’t get us at all… This […]

Empowering Women Series: Izzi Dymalovski

For our Empowering Women series, we’ll be shining a light on one of Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs, Izzi Dymalovski, the founded of Luvurskin is the youngest ever Aussie to appear on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank, and launched her products at the ripe young age of 13. Now stocked in Priceline, this Aussie school girl is kicking […]