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Postnatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week

Modibodi Blog Pregnancy

As it is Postnatal Depression Awareness Week, we wanted to shed some light on a topic that is close to our heart. Post Natal Depression is something that affects one in seven Aussie women. It may have affected you, your bestie or your sister, we all have our own stories and experiences. Post-Natal Depression and […]

Period-Proof and Pee-Proof: Modibodi Swim Behind the Scenes

It was a cool winter’s day when we decided to brave the cold salty breeze on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Armed with coffee, products and pure excitement, we set about taking the pictures and videos for our new swimwear launch. Modibodi Swim is something we have been so excited to share with you. Modibodi’s […]

5 Top Reasons To Make The Switch To Modibodi Period Underwear

Whether you view periods as a blessing or a curse, they’re here to stay. It comes with being a woman and means that every month you either hunker down or get liberated. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough tampons or pads to last your cycle, or if you need […]

Modibodi CEO Kristy Chong, named 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards Finalist

Modibodi Kristy Chong Telstra Awards

The 24 finalists of the 2017 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards span a diverse spectrum of industries and professions, from the creation of hi-tech underwear to driving job creation across the state, and delivering innovative healthcare solutions. We are proud to announce that Modibodi’s CEO Kristy Chong has been announced as an NSW finalist […]

Empowering Women Series: Natalie Thorogood

modibodi x soak society

Born in 2014, Soak Society is an Aussie company relaxing the world, one person at a time. Beautifully fragrant bath salt crystals and bombs, made naturally and organically, what more could you want? Based in the Sunshine Coast, Soak Society is all about natural beauty and wellness. They believe in downtime, relaxing and reconnecting with […]

Meet the Modibodi Model 2017 – Jahmila

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m Jahmila Gensen, 18 years old, learning every single day. Hoping one day to have peace among all humans and life forms,  as there is so much knowledge o be shared and growing as a whole to be done! Describe how your first Modibodi shoot was! It was […]

Body language shapes who you are

Power posing can change your life

In 2012, Psychologist Amy Cuddy gave a TED Talk that would change the lives of the many people who watched it. Cuddy is a researcher at Harvard University and is studying the links between power posing and increased hormone levels. Body language is something that unfolds unconsciously but the effect it can have on the […]