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The underwear over 1500 women have been waiting for is here!

Modibodi Pre order period underwear

Hold onto your undies as it’s time to go with the flow! Here’s your chance to be the first to secure last release. Our NEW and replenished styles that have just arrived include: Classic Air in black and beige (light)  Classic Thong in black (super light) Sensual Boyleg in black (light) Active Brief in black […]

Top things you might find in your underwear and what it could mean

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Image Source (Womens Weekly)  Normal vaginal discharge consists of around a teaspoon a day of white/transparent, thick to thin and odorless liquid. This is formed by normal bacteria and fluids in the vagina and can be more noticeable depending on the time of month, to signify ovulation, menstrual flow, sexual activity and birth control. What […]

From sleep to sweat – Everything you need to know about period & leak proof underwear

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There is so much we have to think about as women so we shouldn’t need to worry about a little leak. It’s not commonly discussed but it’s often on our minds, for some, it’s daily and others, just one week out of every month. It’s not just periods and light bladder leaks either but also […]

Valentines Day Confidence, Sexy and Sassy with Modibodi

The day of love is nearly upon us, and it can mean different things to different people! Women can find themselves worrying about Valentine’s Day (aka Galentine’s Day).   If you don’t have a partner, don’t sweat it! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and the people in our lives who mean the […]

3 Great Ways to Shape Up From the Inside Out …

Written by Charlotte Young   As a mother of an eleven-year-old daughter and a facilitator (of Celebration Day for Girls), working with 10-12-year-olds, I have the privilege of bearing witness to how the women of tomorrow are feeling about their bodies and themselves. The vast majority of girls who attend the program are there because […]

Why the media keeps missing the mark with feminine issues

Aunt Flow, the crimson wave, on the rag or even just “that time of the month” Call it what you will, but there is still a negative stigma surrounding discussions about periods, let alone discussing topics like light bladder leakage – particularly in the media. The only reason this stigma holds power is because people […]

Honest tips to best prepare for your periods, and how period undies can ease the anxiety

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The thought of getting your period can be extremely daunting. Whether you’re thinking about yourself, a daughter, sister, or anyone – the best way to feel comfortable and equipped to handle any situation is gaining knowledge. If you have your period or think you may get it soon, its normal to feel all kinds of […]

Opinion Article: It’s time we all ‘got’ periods ( just like Fu Yuanhui)

In 2015, Heather Watson was defeated in the Australian Open and attributed it to “girl things”.  A lot of people were shocked and even lost for words, as many athletes agreed that periods were not something often spoken about among female athletes – although as women we all have it in common. One year later, […]

Surviving your period- Modibodi’s answer to the ultimate period survival kit

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Most women dread the “that time of the month”, Some women breeze through their period every month hassle-free. They have virtually no symptoms of PMS, bleed only lightly and snapchat like it’s spring break! For the rest of us, periods can feel like the world is ending; you feel totally lousy, you snap at your […]

Meet Mary, Modibodi Ambassador

Today we profile Modibodi ambassador, Mary Bianco, 27 About Me… I am Australian with Filipino and Spanish background from Australia, Philippines and Northern Mariana Islands. I am passionate about Modelling and have modelled professionally for over 5 years. I am in love with adventures, travel, Island life, summer, beach and the ocean. Im also a part time […]