Modibodi brand ambassadorS

Introducing Modibodi’s brand ambassadors. Women that embody Modibodi’s values, vision and ethos to make a change across the world and continue to inspire women to embrace their bodies, open their minds and have fun while doing it.


Charlotte Rose Mellis’ life is dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues through her online platform VOX POPULI (VOPO). Charlotte is on a mission to educate and support people of sustainable life options and demonstrates Modibodi values through her kind and caring nature and dedication to the environment.

Charlotte explains her thoughts on the importance of sustainable hygiene.

“As a women, with a uterus and over a decade worth of monthly cycles, I felt that even if a dozen young girls could be empowered through access to education and sustainable, discrete feminine hygiene alternatives to traditional rags, we could start to shift to a solution that considers both society and the environment.”


Kimmy Smith is the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App – the complete post-natal fitness and well-being App. As a ex-professional athlete, fitness instructor, qualified yoga teacher and mother of two girls (and one on the way), Kimmy is on a mission to support and empower women to embrace the journey of motherhood.

Kimmy talks about her experiences with incontinence after having her first child:

“Since having my first born, I have struggled with incontinence. Some times it is inconvenient. Sometimes it is purely humiliating and crushing. Not being in control of your bladder at age 35 isn’t something I imagined for myself. There were times when I couldn’t pick up my daughter because I knew that if I did, that extra weight would cause me to wet my pants. I have run around shopping centres holding on between my legs like a little girl busting to go to the toilet. I can’t believe the difference the Modibodi Underwear has made to my level of confidence. I originally ordered two pairs. After owning them for a week, I went straight back online and ordered 3 more. They are comfortable, convenient and confidence boosting. That ticks all the boxes for me.”



Rae Anderson, Paralympian represented Australia at Rio in 2016, continues to empower women by inspiring them to never let barriers get in their way.

Rae comments on why Modibodi chose her as an ambassador:

“I’d like to think Modibodi chose me as an ambassador because of my values, my strength and my aspirations. Modibodi aims to give women everywhere confidence in their own body while also liberating and empowering women to reach their full potential. I believe Modibodi and I share a belief that anything is possible and any dream can be achieved.”



Comedian, best-selling author, screenwriter, podcaster and all-around funny girl Rosie Waterland is the newest ambassador to join the Modibodi movement to help break down taboos and to show more diversity in advertising.

Rosie says about her engagement as an ambassador for Modibodi:

“It’s so important to me to see women who look like me be represented in fashion campaigns. Seeing women of different body types actually allowed to have fun with clothes and look fabulous while doing it has done wonders for my body confidence. Hopefully seeing me enjoying myself, wearing a product that I truly love, and actually being included in a mainstream campaign will help other women be a little more confident in their bodies. Just like seeing other women accepted and represented in mainstream media has done for me. Plus – did I mention the PERIOD DISAPPEARING MAGIC?!?