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Modibodi Classic - Stylish & Comfortable Bamboo Underwear for Everyday Protection

Looking for everyday protection from light bladder leakage (LBL), periods, incontinence and sweat but don’t want to compromise on comfort and style? You’ll LOVE the Modibodi Classic Collection!

Our luxuriously soft bamboo underwear combines state-of-the-art patented Modifier technology with natural fibres. Australian-designed, the Classic collection is the ultimate in style and comfort. Your new Modibodi Classic underwear will keep you feeling (and smelling!) fresh all day, every day, no matter what the day holds.

Choose your personal style below - from Classic Thong to Classic Boyleg; Classic Bikini to Classic Full Brief - there’s a Classic Modibodi to suit every size and shape.

How Modibodi Classic protects you from light bladder leakage, periods and more

We know every woman is unique, so we let YOU choose the level of protection you need to suit your lifestyle. Made super-slim - only 3mm thick - our Classic collection can hold 1-3 tampons worth of fluid!

Our Modifier Air liner features moisture-wicking technology to draw sweat and discharge away from the source. The quick-drying, antimicrobial fabric fights odours throughout the day with no need to constantly change expensive disposable panty liners and incontinence products.

For protection from unsightly stains, light bladder leakage and pregnancy discharge, choose from our range of absorbent underwear - from Modifier Super Light right through to Modifier Heavy.

The moisture-wicking natural fibres in the top layer draw the discharge away. The leak-proof bottom layer makes sure unwanted fluids remain safely locked away in the absorbent middle layer, leaving you free to enjoy the activities you love!

At the end of the day, simply toss your Classic Modibodis in the washing machine, rinse and repeat. Your Modibodi bamboo underwear will last just as long as regular underwear and will give you the confidence that other period underwear can’t!

Shop Modibodi Classic today and enjoy your newfound confidence in comfort and style!