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Bamboo underwear luxuriously soft and hi-tech?

Our Sensual range of bamboo underwear is luxuriously soft and offers hi-tech protection with its patented Modifier technology and natural fibres. Fully Australian-designed, the Sensual collection offers glamorous style and comfort with better protection that any regular undies and disposable sanitary products. Your new Modibodi Sensual underwear will keep you feeling comfortable, confident and sexy.

Choose undies to suit your personal style: Sensual Bikini, Sensual Boyleg or Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini. There’s a Sensual Modibodi to suit every size, shape and mood.

How Modibodi Sensual protects you from light bladder leakage, periods and more

Our Modibodi Sensual absorbent underwear and period panties feature a super slim (3mm) built-in panty liner as part of the Modifier Technology. The panty liner uses moisture-wicking technology to draw sweat and discharge away from the skin. This makes for absorbent underwear that is leak proof, antibacterial, breathable and stain resistant.

Sounds too good to be true, right? To explain further, we can split the technology into three layers. The top layer draws away the moisture to ensure you feel dry, the middle layer absorbs and locks away fluids and the waterproof film prevents leaks and odours. It’s effective without feeling bulky and looks stylish as well.

Best of all, just because our Sensual range is sexy and glamorous, doesn’t mean it has to be treated specially when it comes to washing. Simply throw your Sensual Modibodis in the washing machine, avoid harsh detergents and stain removers, rinse and repeat. Your Modibodi bamboo underwear will last just as long as regular underwear AND serves multiple purposes.

Just imagine being able to get through the day without having to constantly change disposable liners? From the office, to your workout to your dinner date, you’ll be confident you’re not ruining your ‘good’ underwear – in fact, it’s working for you!

Wearing Modibodi Sensual bamboo underwear means wearing your good underwear every day. We know just how GOOD that makes women feel!

Shop Modibodi Sensual bamboo underwear today and ditch those ‘safe’ undies!