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Period Proof Underwear & Panties – Leak-Proof and Moisture Wicking

Tired of leaking when you laugh? Sick of smelly underwear, ugly incontinence products and paying a fortune for panty liners every single month? Slip on a sensuous pair of Modibodi’s incredible leak-proof and period underwear and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about!

Ditch the anxiety and put the fun back in your life with Modibodi’s modern, comfortable and attractive range of high-tech period panties, moisture-wicking and leak-proof underwear. You’ll be able to step out in total confidence while our discreet, patented fibre technology protects you against bladder leaks, menstrual flow and the embarrassing odours caused by sweat, discharge and everyday living.

Modibodi leak-proof and period underwear use Patented Modifier Technology in a three-step system to completely replace regular feminine hygiene products and give you total confidence:

  • top layer - quickly wicks away moisture, dries quickly and features antimicrobial properties to combat residual odours
  • middle layer - safely absorbs fluid and locks it away, leaving you feeling dry and fresh (2.5 - 15mls depending on the level of protection you choose)
  • bottom layer - a waterproof barrier that protects you from embarrassing leakages. Voted the #1 Period Underwear brand.