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Simple, supportive, reusable options to keep babies’ dry and comfortable. Because making sustainable choices for your family should be easy as ABC. Better for you, bub and the planet!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Modibodi Reusable Nappy work?

Made from scientifically proven absorbent materials to keep baby dry, comfy and protected (helping reduce nappy rash), our Reusable Nappy has a clever black lining which repels odour, stains and solids.

Modibodi’s Reusable Nappy is the most absorbent reusable nappy on the market, absorbing up to 1026ml* when used with one Reusable Nappy Booster. It’s also compression tested at 500ml to show no leakage so it’s safe to use in car seats and high chairs.

Do you have any tips for washing reusable nappies?
  • We advise washing nappies daily, or every other day, to prevent fabrics from deteriorating.
  • You can use a dry pail with holes to store nappies between washes. Pee nappies can go straight into the pail, soiled nappies should be scraped or rinsed before putting them in.
  • When hanging nappies to dry, hang inside out for a quicker dry time and avoid stretching the elastic openings.
  • Your regular laundry detergent will do the job – no need for bleach or other harsh cleaners.
  • No fabric softeners please – they affect the performance of the absorbent materials.
  • The ideal spin speed for our nappies is 1000RPM or less to boost longevity.
  • If tumble drying, use a gentle setting.
How does Modibodi Reusable Nappy sizing work?

We’ve kept things simple with a One Size Fits Most design which has been tested to fit babies from 5kg to 18kg. The adjustable fit means the nappy can grow with baby, and you can hand it down to any future siblings, family or friends.