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Our sleepwear is the no mess, no stress answer to the perfect period sleep – and waking up to clean sheets.

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No stress answer to the perfect period sleep.

Sleep soundly with total protection from Modibodi

If you’ve ever tossed and turned during the night worried about leakage, be prepared to meet your new favourite sleepwear. Designed to be worn overnight and give you total protection from leaks, even the most restless sleepers can feel confident in our women’s sleepwear. After all, it’s super absorbent, always comfy and guaranteed to stop leaks in their tracks.  

Discover the range of leak-proof sleepwear for women

Our sleepwear range has been created to give you the most absorbency yet — allowing you to wear your Modibodis for 24 hours without worrying about leaks or odours. The Sleep Short gives you maximum absorption of up to 50 mls. That’s around ten tampons, or the average blood loss for a woman over her five-day-long period. The soft mid thigh and high rise design can completely replace pads and tampons and feels soft without risking any fluid escaping. Yep, that means front bleeders and back bleeders are both covered with our comprehensive patent-pending absorbent technology.   

To make overnight sleep as simple as can be, now you can personalise the perfect bundle of sleepwear or undies and save even more. When you mix and match your favourite five pairs in a bundle, you’ll save 5% on your order. If that’s not a good excuse for never being caught short overnight again, we don’t know what is! 

Breathable sleepwear for warm summer nights

Because all of our women’s sleepwear is fabricated from natural materials, the fabric feels soft and comfortable against your skin while allowing it to breathe. The fibres are naturally antibacterial and resist odours, wicking away moisture, so you wake up feeling fresh and dry in the morning. So what’s in Modibodi sleepwear? A combination of our patented Modifier Technology which layers fine merino wool that feels soft and breathable against your skin, antimicrobial microfibre that locks in moisture and prevents odours, and our unique hi-tech waterproof fabric for the ultimate in leak-proof protection.  

How to care for your period-proof women’s sleepwear  

Easy to wear and easy to care for, our sleepwear can be worn and washed again and again with the same great results. There are a few steps we recommend to get the best results from our leak-proof apparel.  

  • First, we suggest pre-washing your Modibodi sleepwear to activate the absorption technology in the gusset for maximum results.  
  • After wear, rinse your sleepwear under cold water until the water runs clear. No need to soak, you can now pop them in the washing basket for the machine.  
  • Cold machine wash in a delicates bag without using fabric softener to get your apparel clean as new.  
  • Hang dry and reuse as many times as you like! To keep your Modibodis doing their best work, steer clear of the dryer which can damage their absorption power.   

Modibodi — sleepwear and apparel that loves your bodi and the planet

Whether you love the extra security you get from our Sleep Shorts or prefer to get some shut-eye in your favourite pair of Classic Bikini Briefs, once you’ve experienced the leak-proof power of Modibodi, you’ll never look back. From our womenswear range to our inclusive collections for men, teens and babies, and period undies we’re dedicated to changing the game with comfortable apparel for every bodi.  

By ordering a sustainable product from Modibodi, you’re choosing to support the planet and a 100% Australian owned and designed business. Shop online today, enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100, and become a part of the Modibodi revolution for a positive social impact and a better tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I wear these with a tampon, cup or pad?

Modibodi are a complete replacement for other leak management products. There is no need to use anything else in conjunction with them, even on your heaviest days. With absorbency options ranging from super light through to maxi-24hrs, you can feel confident every day, flow or no flow!

What size am I?

We always recommend taking your normal underwear size. 

Do I need to wash them before wear?

Yes, we recommend putting them through the wash before the first time you wear them to help to activate the technology in the gusset.

What does it feel like wearing them?

Just like regular underwear! Our tech-enabled absorbent gusset was designed to be comfy and discreet, never bulky or heavy. Just pop a pair on and go!