This Body Wears Campaign

This Body Wears / Modibodi

Modibodi had the pleasure of chatting to the lovely Alex Lyons, the founder of the extremely successful baby carrier company, Ankalia. The recent, This Body Wears Campaign saw a range of beautiful mothers across Australia coming together to celebrate the female form in all its varieties. The campaign aimed to challenge perceptions of what a ‘normal’ […]

#unstoppable brands making a difference for Mother’s Day!

Modibodi unstoppable brands

#unstoppable brands making a difference We salute innovation at Modibodi and together with these amazing brands celebrated Mother’s Day and the #unstoppable women in our lives. See the amazing entries from Aussie women here! Each of these amazing brands have donated hundreds of dollars in prizes and one #unstoppable woman and her wing-woman will each […]

Is there too much pressure on modern day mothers?

A Facebook post from Constance Hall generated a lot of buzz regarding the insane amount of pressure put on mums. The unfortunate outcome is that quality time spent with their children is sacrificed to ensure everything is getting done, and done perfectly! This post really got us thinking about all the demands placed on mothers – […]

Startup Successes: Golden Grind

Tail Watts Golden Grind

  Image Source (Herald Sun)  Modibodi had the pleasure of chatting to Tahli Watts, one of the founders of Golden Grind who makes the widely successful Turmeric Blends! Golden Grind was founded by the unstoppable trio of Tahli, Renwick and Sage. Turmeric is becoming increasingly popular due to its widely known heath benefits and unique […]

Modibodi and Menstrual Cups: The Perfect Pair

Modibodi and JuJu

Earth Day was a few days ago which got us thinking about all the different ways we can be friends of the earth and play our part in sustainability. In the words of the Earth Day Organisation, “Education is the foundation for progress” which couldn’t be more true, we all know how much Modibodi loves […]

Exercising for New Mothers in Modibodi Style

Modibodi Pregnancy Underwear

Exercising itself can be pretty daunting and a very big lifestyle change, but exercising after childbirth is a whole different ballpark. There are so many things to consider when returning to health and fitness after having a baby. Firstly, are you mentally prepared? Exercise has amazing benefits for your mental health, but you also need […]

Puberty Blues Series: First Periods

Modibodi: First Periods

Puberty is a confusing time in every young girls life. Changes are happening both physically and mentally and our hormones are often running wild. The thought of getting a first period can be extremely daunting as we often don’t know what to look out for or what the signs may be that its approaching. Whether […]

World Health Day: Depression, Modibodi says let’s talk

Depression 2017

World Health Day is the 7th April each year and provides an opportunity to discuss a diverse health issue affecting the world. The theme of 2017 is Depression: Let’s Talk About it. Depression affects a variety of people of different ages from all walks of life and has a negative impact on those who have […]

Modibodi Launches Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews

Google Customer Reviews has replaced the Google Trusted Stores program, allowing you to share your feedback and opinions on shopping with Modibodi! You are now able to leave a review about your shopping experience and thoughts on your Modibodi garments which can be viewed by other people shopping on the website. Modibodi is dedicated to […]