A period emoji may sound silly, but here’s why it’s important

ANU Sanitary Bin

The 21st century has brought about a lot of changes, particularly the overwhelming power of social media. It can connect people around the world and start important, thought-provoking conversations but it can also start controversy. There have been two recent developments in the online world which has sparked a lot of debate, outrage, confusion but […]

Why Eating The Right Foods On Your Period Is More Important Than You Think

If you suffer from the monthly munchies, find out why you get such intense food cravings and what you should be eating to get through your period without feeling like the cookie monster! Guest post by Voome If there are a few things that will unite literally all women around the world, it’s learning how to […]

The Everyday Modern Wonder Woman; you!

Modibodi underwear wonderwoman

  Image sourced from DC Films The idea of the modern woman holds many different meanings for women around the globe. To Michelle Obama, it means recognising that, “there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”  To the Modibodi team, it means being a warrior who celebrates the unstoppable nature of the […]

Guest Blog: Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy Mums by Voome

Modibodi Voome Healthy Mum

Is it too much to ask for food to be healthy, delicious, easy to make and low in calories all at the same time? Oh, and that your kids will eat too? In this always-on society, juggling work, family, exercise and time for you is tricky, Add to this, nutritious eating and it can sometimes […]

World Continence Week 2017 – Put an end to #leakface

Leak face 2017 Continence Week

Image Source (Continence)  World Continence Week is running from the 19-25th June this year. This years theme is Incontinence: No Laughing Matter.  This is a really important topic and one that Modibodi is always keen to discuss. A lot of women of all different ages are often faced with changes in their pelvic floor and face incontinence issues […]

The underwear over 1500 women have been waiting for is here!

Modibodi Pre order period underwear

Hold onto your undies as it’s time to go with the flow! Here’s your chance to be the first to secure last release. Our NEW and replenished styles that have just arrived include: Classic Air in black and beige (light)  Classic Thong in black (super light) Sensual Boyleg in black (light) Active Brief in black […]

Top 5 reasons your period is irregular

Irregular Periods

Having a regular and mostly pain free periods (apart from those pesky cramps) is a good indication that your hormones are in balance and your reproductive system is functioning as it should be. However, irregular, frequently missed or very painful periods or any related symptoms could be a sign of something more serious, potentially hormone […]