We know its awkward, it can be embarrassing and sometimes just down right terrifying to talk about bodily leaks periods, incontinence, menopause, pregnancy, and perspiration.

Modibodi is committed to encouraging open, frank, real conversations about our body's natural changes – let’s face it if your young or old or somewhere in between we all have leaks!

But if you’re doing it tough then managing leaks and getting on with life can be even tougher. That’s why we work with partners to address:

Period equity - because everybody deserves dignity. We donate products to people who may not be able to access products.

Normalising conversations on taboo subjects around bodily leaks - we use our platforms to advocate for and share knowledge on periods, incontinence, menopause, postpartum.

Limitless​ Positive Impact

At Modibodi we strive to achieve positive impact in everything we do... because giving back is at the heart of our business.

Figures state that over 50% of girls and women in Australia, found it difficult to access and afford period products when they need them, while European figures estimate one in ten people with periods face period poverty.   This monthly challenge can lead to tough choices around buying food or period care products, anxiety, missing school, work and not participating in social activities. 

Modibodi works with many charity partners to support education and access to reusable products through two donation programs; Give A Pair and the Modibodi Period Collective. These programs operate with support from customers, other brands and Modibodi donations to put a bundle of five Modibodi pants into the hands of people who need them. Products are distributed through our partners. 

In the UK: Bloody Good Period, Freedom4Girls and IRISE International, In Kind Direct.
In Europe: Règles Elémentaires, Dons Solidaires and Innatura.
In Australia and New Zealand: Stars Foundation, Thread Together Women’s Health Tasmania, The Good Box, Support The Girls and the Period Place.

Together Modibodi is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 5 Gender Equality and SDG 17 Partnerships For The Goals .

Give A Pair, a Modibodi Period Collective initiative

The Period Collective a partnership of Stars Foundation, Thread Together, Women’s Health Tasmania and Modibodi to drive access to reusable period underwear giving security, dignity and confidence to First Nations and other Australian girls, women and people who menstruate. 

Modibodi customers donate to the Period Collective at cart, while other brands and retailers can carry the program on their websites at cart through the platform i=Change. 

Funds raised provide a five-pack bundle of Modibodi.
Modibodi donates an additional $2 per bundle raised.