Why choose to reuse – save cash and the planet with modern cloth nappies

Why choose to reuse – save cash and the planet with modern cloth nappies

No doubt you know that reusable nappies are better for the planet than their disposable cousins (and we’re not going to tell you otherwise), but you might not know they’re also better for your bank balance.

And there’s nothing like a statistic or two to paint a picture, so here’s a few to remind you why it’s worth giving our new reusable nappies a try.

Let’s start with the environment.

So, what is the environmental impact of disposable nappies?

The environmental cost of disposable nappies is enormous. Between birth and the age of three, the average child will use around 6500 nappies, generating one tonne of plastic waste.

According to the Victorian government, 3.75 million disposable nappies are used every day in Australia and New Zealand, with one cup of crude oil used to make each nappy, while in the US, approximately 27.4 billion disposable nappies are used every year – the equivalent of 3.4 million tonnes of waste heading to landfill.

To look at it from another perspective, a British study has found one year’s worth of nappy wearing by children in the UK contributes the same emissions as that produced by 98,600 cars driving for 12,000 miles each. [2]

Plus, once in landfill, the plastics in disposable nappies can take more than 150 years to break down, with the methane (a greenhouse gas) released from rotting soiled nappies contributing to global warming.

What’s the cost benefit of reusable nappies vs disposables?

Compared with using disposable nappies, making the move to reusable nappies can save a significant sum, and, depending on where you live, you may even qualify for council rebates for making the sustainable choice.

Based on average use of 6 nappies per day for 3 years[3] at a cost of approximately 30c per nappy, disposables will cost $1971…and create a mountain of 6500 used nappies. A supply of 20 to 30 Modibodi reusable nappies costs between $700 and $1050, plus, the reusable nappies can be handed down and used by your other children (or passed on to family and friends), ultimately reducing the cost per nappy over time.*

One set of cloth or reusable nappies costs less than half as much as disposable nappies, with the saving increasing with every child because the cloth nappies can be used again and again.[1]

Modibodi reusable nappies can last for years and can be passed from one child to another, or handed on to family and friends, saving money and the environment.

So better for baby, better for the planet and better for your budget. Isn’t it time you rethink reusables?

*Calculations in Australian dollars

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