4 ways to check in on your mental health

4 ways to check in on your mental health

We’re excited to be partnering with Flourish Girl, a charity that works with teenage girls between 13-17 to build their self-awareness, self-confidence and social connectedness in schools and other key relationships.

Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we believe deeply in creating safe spaces for girls to flourish and ‘just be themselves’, we’re sharing some practical tips from Flourish Girl CEO & Founder, Mandy Dante, on how to ‘check in with yourself’:

“Firstly, sometimes the word mental health can be this heavy word, but these are really just four ways to really build more awareness around how you’re thinking and feeling in your everyday life,” advises Mandy.

1. Create a sacred space for yourself. In today’s world, things can get loud and we can easily get distracted by what people are saying and thinking so it’s really important that you find a comfy place in your home, or maybe out in nature where you can be away from your phone, limit distractions and make it nice…light a candle, make a cup of tea, and just start to go slow so you can start to feel what’s really going on for you.

2. Journal. I find in our programs at Flourish Girl, girls absolutely love journaling, and it’s a really great way to just language out and put on paper what you’re feeling and thinking within. Your journal is your own best friend, and it’s literally just being so honest and vulnerable and raw and real with what’s going on.

3. Talk to someone. Time and time again in our programs, girls realise that they’re not alone in what they’re thinking and feeling and this one might take a little bit of courage, but I encourage you to reach out to your friend or family or someone you trust. You know it can be as simple as starting the conversation to say, ‘I actually feel a little bit nervous to share this with you, but I just want to share how I’m feeling and why’, and you just don’t know what that act of courage can do…changing the culture within your friendship circles or the people that you love most.

4. Fill up your own cup. The biggest thing about checking in with your mental health is remembering that while it’s important to go slow, feel and talk about how you’re feeling, it’s also important that you take responsibility and take action. Think about ways of not only bettering your mental health but also what are some ways to prevent this from happening again? I know for me, when I get stressed out or I’m feeling a little bit down, it’s so important that I have my tangible ways of filling up my cup again.

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