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How does our period swimwear *actually* work?

Our new period swimwear collection looks and feels just like regular bathers, but it also absorbs 1-2 tampons of period or pee without leaking. Mind-blowing, right? To unpack exactly how the technology behind our leak-proof, water-resistant swimwear works, we asked Modibodi Product and Innovation Director, Charissa Lanham.   

Period swimwear sounds like magic. How does it work?   

Our patent-pending swimwear technology has a two-layer lining. Layer one consists of a uniquely designed Modibodi fabrication that holds up to 10ML (1-2 tampons worth) without leaking. Layer two is a waterproof layer that sits between the absorbency layer and the outer layer for an extra barrier of protection and peace of mind. The outer fabric has a water repellent treatment applied to add an extra layer of protection from leaks.  

So, one layer absorbs moisture but it’s also water repellent. How is water able to escape when we’re wet, but not blood or pee?  

The secret is all in the fit. Our swimwear needs to fit snugly against your body at the leg opening to ensure the leakproof gusset technology can do its thing while getting in and out of the water.  

Will it leak when I stand up or get out of the water? 

Nope! We’ve worked hard to make sure that if your swimwear is fitted correctly, the waterproof barrier works to keep your absorbency layer from leaking.  

How does the outer fabric compare to regular swimwear?  

Our Modibodi pre-consumer recycled nylon and elastane is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. That means it’s durable, chlorine-resistant and quick-drying. We also have a water repelling treatment on both sides of the outer fabric to help keep the gusset waterproof.  

Why does our swimwear control odour? 

The absorbency layer in our swimwear has a special treatment applied that helps controls odour.  

How does period swimwear compare to our leak-proof undies?  

Our patent-pending swimwear is completely different technology to our patented Modifier gusset (that’s the technology in our undies). The tech is in the innovative design. Our Modifier gussets contain layers of absorbing fabric, compared to our swimwear which has one innovative absorbency layer.  

How long can I wear period swimwear at the beach or pool without experiencing any leaks?  

This will depend on how heavy your flow is. The gusset holds up to 10ml or 1-2 tampons without leaking.  

Should I wear period swimwear on light or heavy days?  

We suggest wearing our period swimwear on lighter days or for light incontinence and discharge. You can wear period swimwear on both light and heavy days, but you’ll need to change to a fresh pair once 1-2 tampons worth of fluid has been absorbed.  

What’s a common myth about period swimwear?  

That you will leak once you enter the water or you cannot swim when on your period unless you use a tampon. Not true! 

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