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How to get blood out of your period pants

Ever had a period-based incident in your knickers? When your flow runs a little more intensely than you thought and you bleed through your undies? If so, then you’ll have dealt with the irritating issue of trying to get period blood out of your underwear.

While most will give up and just chuck the undies straight in the bin (hello, landfill?!), some will spend hours over the kitchen sink running cold water and frantically rubbing the fabric with a bar of soap before reaching for the heavy-duty cleaning liquids to sort out the situation.

However, if you’re using period pants, it’s a whole different ball game.

Because these undies are literally designed to be bled into, they’ve got clever Modifier Technology built in to absorb and deal with liquid *down there*. This means that you physically can’t stain your period pants with blood, even if you wanted to.

Instead, what you need to do with period underwear is to clean them after use, so that they’re ready to roll again the next time you want to use them.

So how do you wash period underwear?

There are four simple steps that’ll end with a nice fresh pair of Modibodi underwear:

1. Rinse your period underwear in cold water. You should do this just after you take the undies off and try not to leave them to soak, but instead just rinse until the water runs clear.

2. Chuck them in the washing machine and run them on a cold wash. It’s even better if you put them in a delicates bag!

3. Hold off on the fabric softener. These break down the natural fibres in the period pants, so it’s best just to stick with laundry liquid or soap.

4. Hang them out to dry. Pin them up on the washing line, wait for them to dry and then pop them in your drawer ready to use again!



    • Hi,
      My washing machine just washed my Modibodi underwear in a hot cycle, even though I told it cold. Will this cause lasting damage, or is a cold wash just recommended?

    • Will you guys be making any underwear for curvy women in colours other than black or beige? Can we see red, blue, pink, yellow, and patterns?

    • Hello would there pants work for light bowel incontinence?

    • Hi. Is it o.k to hand wring them when you’re rinsing them out?

      I wore two pairs today. The first pair i hand rinsed as you recommend until water runs clear. The second pair I hand rinsed also but wrung them out till the water ran clear. I noticed that I got more blood out by doing this but wondered of ot would damage them over time if i continue to wring them.

      Joy Charlton
    • My mother taught me that cold water copes well with blood stains. It is possible to add a little bleach and soak for a couple of hours. I always use this method

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