6 Ways to Feel Extra Sassy this Valentine’s Day

6 Ways to Feel Extra Sassy this Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again, lovers. Thankfully, whether you’re spending it snuggling with your man or dancing with your gals, we’re here to help you make sure this Feb 14th is hotter than a Hemsworth! So, go on, eat your heart out with these six easy ways to feel extra sassy this Valentine’s Day. You can thank us with a dozen roses.

1. Start your day with a workout

To be blunt, if you’ve been living on beer and pizza since December, a single workout’s not going to undo the damage. But it WILL make you feel energised and boost your mood, and you’ll feel more confident to boot. The extra blood flow will also give your skin a gorgeous, healthy glow you will fall in love with.

2.Lay off the salt

For breakfast, lunch and snacks that day, avoid foods that’ll bloat you, as nobody feels great with a distended, gurgling tummy. Salt is a big no-no if you want to avoid fluid retention, so skip the bacon butty. You should also hold the diet soft drinks and gum until PD (post-date), as they’re prime gas-causing culprits. As for garlic and onions, do we really need to explain?

3. Get a lunchtime blow dry

No woman, ever, has felt on top of her game when her hair was flat/ oily/ fuzzy. A killer blow dry is a sassy lady’s calling card, and hairdressers also give the best life advice. So, make a booking for a lunchtime blow dry/therapy sesh that’ll be worth every penny.

4. Pop on your favourite underwear

It doesn’t matter if nobody’s seeing them – wearing sassy yet comfortable underwear will make you feel like a silver screen seductress. Lucky for you, Modibodi has your undercover-wear covered with a range of totally gorge – and period-proof – knickers. Without a dental-floss thong in sight!

For the woman who’s classic with a side of sass, there’s the Sensual Full Brief with full cheek coverage and flirty mesh side panels. In light to moderate absorbency, it’ll take care of those awkward laughter leaks if your date turns out to be a comedian. The slightly cheekier lady might like to try the Sensual Boyleg (also in light to moderate absorbency), a skimpier, more low-slung style, with a pretty lace trim. And for the real vixen (you know who you are), our best-selling Sensual High Waist Bikini offers total anti-leak confidence with both light and heavy absorbency on offer.

All three Sensual styles are silky smooth, and made from odour-fighting, certified organic bamboo. So, you can really relax and go with the flow.

5.Slip on your ‘secret weapon’ heels

Flats are our go-to 364 days a year. But on Valentine’s Day, we like to strut. And hands down the best way to get that confident wiggle going is with a pair of vertiginous heels. Peep toes are our pick for the way you can dangle them cheekily from your foot. But, whatever you choose, make sure your footwear’s comfy, too – especially if you’re hitting the dance floor.

6.Layer your scent

To feel extra-spesh, layer your fragrance. Start with the body wash, slather on the lotion, then spritz your perfume on your pulse points. If you’re feeling a bit saucy, pop a little in your belly button à la Liv Tyler. And make sure to brush your signature scent through your locks for even more staying power.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

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