Can the weather affect your period?

can hot weather delay your period

There’s nothing worse than a heavy, painful period at the best of times – but periods during hot weather? For some folks, it can present a whole new set of challenges. 

With so many members of the Modibodi family currently holidaying across the globe for #hotgirlsummer, we thought it’s the perfect time to give you the lowdown on how hot weather can delay your period (and affect it in so many other ways, too).  


Can the weather affect your period?

Well, straight off the bat, the answer is yes. Changes in the weather, especially when it gets hotter, are known for impacting the body, including swelling and pain, a little worse. So in what ways can the heat affect your period? 

Let’s dive into it below.


Did you know that heat can not only make bloating worse but it can also cause bloating? So, when it comes to period bloating, you might experience an unfortunate double whammy during summer.  

When we’re dehydrated, our bodies hold onto water, which can cause bloating. As well as this, higher estrogen and lower progesterone levels at the beginning of your period can make you more prone to dehydration, which can make the heat affect your period even more. Ugh! 


If you usually feel tired and out of it during your period, the heat could make it worse. During long hot days, our bodies produce less melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. As well as this, during our periods, our bodies use up a lot more energy to keep things moving. 


Hot summer days can be pains for headaches – and unfortunately, when you’re menstruating, it might feel even more severe. Our blood vessels swell in hot weather, which can lead to migraines and bad headaches.  


Cramps are never fun, but the summer heat can really affect your period. You might find they’re more painful than usual. When temperatures rise, you’re more at risk of heat exhaustion which can make you feel queasy like you have no appetite, and your cramps are far worse. Unfortunately, for anyone experiencing period cramps, the sizzling heat can worsen symptoms – especially when dehydration comes into play.

Can hot weather affect your period?

 While you might be close and comfy with your cycle, the truth is that summer can throw it all off. According to Dr Preethika Shetty, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals in Pune, the weather can affect your period in ways you never imagined.

“There is a connection between hot weather and periods. Yes, you have heard it right! Periods during those sunny days can be unpleasant and steal your peace of mind. Various studies have confirmed that a large amount of sun exposure impacts the length of our period. Equally, when people move to a new area where the weather is either hotter or colder, the body cannot regulate automatically. The periods can be longer and more frequent during the summer season,” she said. 


Can hot weather delay your period? 

Sometimes, hot weather can delay your period, make it come a little early or even make you bleed for longer. Now, while there’s no concrete science on the reason behind this one just yet, many menstruators have experienced their ovarian cycles speeding up during the summer. 

The delay could happen because of the combination of stress and fatigue, which generally is a little more ramped up during summer and heat waves. We know that stress and fatigue can have very real impacts on your cycle, so it makes sense that you might find your period pop up a little earlier or later in the heat.  

The good news is, planning your period doesn’t have to be tricker in the summer. Our Period Swimwear is designed to be absorbent, comfortable and secure, meaning your summer swims won’t be hindered by any pesky surprises. 

How can I have a stress-free summer period?

 Knowledge is power – so now you know the ins and outs of how hot weather can affect your period, you’ll be able to stay savvy about it. Staying hydrated with lots of water is a good place to start, especially if you’re already experiencing symptoms or coming up to your period.

Keeping up your regular meal intake and ensuring you get enough nutrients is also a great way to ensure you’re in optimum health during the heat.

Steering clear of too much alcohol is also a good idea, as is wearing loose and free-flowing clothes and trying out reusable period products to ensure you’re always ready for your period to arrive. 

Try period underwear made for summer 

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