Getting Your Period During A Pandemic

Modibodi period underwear in pink

As soon as you start working at Modibodi you are giving a few pairs of underwear to take home (especially if you're not already a user - gasp!). As it's important to make sure the whole team has a first hand experience and understands how the technology works. This is Nic's recount of when she first started at Modibodi, and how she is relieved to depend solely on them during this time of isolation.

On day two of self-imposed (but very much government sanctioned) lockdown, I got my period.

Before I started work at Modibodi, I had looked into alternatives to tampons, as I had read a lot about newer, more sustainable options. But I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was for me. As someone who had eschewed pads from a very young age, the thought of giving up tampons made me feel really uncertain.

When I first started in the office, I received a few pairs and knew I had to put my money where my mouth was. I’m a big believer in working for brands that I truly believe in, and this was going to be the ultimate test.

A lot of my friends, plus my sisters, business contacts and even casual acquaintances, have asked me about the period underwear as a lot of them are skeptical for the same reasons I was. It’s ingrained in a lot of us from a young age, and probably in particular my generation, that disposables are the answer as periods are often framed as being messy and a bit secretive. Remember high school? All the girls would furiously deny having their period whilst also frantically checking the back of their skirt for those pesky few days of the month.

I’ve surprised myself by not looking back.

Modibodi has been absolutely dependable, whether I’m out and about, sleeping soundly or at work. I’ve even brazenly worn white pants while trusting my period underwear to do their job.

Now that I’m avoiding unnecessary trips out of the house, the sense of relief I felt today was enormous. I didn’t have to search through endless handbags for a tampon. I wasn’t opening and closing my bathroom cabinet hoping one magically appeared.

And the best part? Your colleagues, sisters and housemates may pinch your last tampon or pad unexpectedly, but no one is going to borrow your underwear!

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