How does ModiCool™ sleepwear work?

How does ModiCool™ sleepwear work?

Jan 31, 2023Michelle Baker

We’ve all fallen into the trap of long, sleepless nights. Between heatwaves in the summer and the impact of hormones on our cycles and body temperature, getting a good night’s rest becomes easier said than done.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help you reach those 8 hours. When it feels impossible to escape the heat at night, a cooling mattress or duvet might become your best investment. You can also take a warm shower before bed (yes, it really does help cool you down), place a bowl of ice in front of a fan, move your mattress onto a lower level of your house to avoid the rising heat, or simply leave the windows open to let the breeze in.

As well as following these tips in your home, what you wear to bed can have a big impact on your sleep. Enter, ModiCool™ Sleepwear – the solution to hot and sweaty sleep. Our new sleepwear collection might look just like cute PJs, but once you slip them onto your skin, you’ll feel the difference as it works its cooling magic.

What’s the secret? It’s called ModiCool™ fabric – and we created it to absorb sweat fast, and keep you cool and comfortable, all night long.

What is ModiCool™ Fabric?

Drum roll please... ModiCool™ is our proprietary fabric that regulates your body temperature and absorbs sweat, while being quick drying. It's pretty cool, literally. This ModiCool™ fabric features in our new range of sleepwear staples, including our T-Shirt Sleep Set and Pillowcase.

How does it work?

As our first temperature regulating sleep range, ModiCool™ Sleepwear features some clever innovation. It’s made with a bio-based treatment called HeiQ Cool, which is scientifically tested to cool the body, absorb sweat and dry quickly.

This ground-breaking treatment not only feels cool on your skin as you wear, but it also gives you continuous evaporative cooling to keep you comfortable throughout the day and night. It works by cooling before the first sign of sweat, while delaying the build-up of heat and continuously regulating body temperature.

Who’s it for?

We designed our ModiCool™ Sleepwear range for all sufferers of excess sweating and hot flushes. The classic style looks and feels great on all bodies and ages – and is crafted with a flattering shape that’s soft, comfortable and wearable whether you’re hitting the hay, making coffee in the morning or lounging around the house during the day.

Ready for a better night's sleep? Check out our new limited edition sleepwear range today.

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