How does period swimwear work? I tried it and here’s how it went

How does period swimwear work? I tried it and here’s how it went

Jan 09, 2024sophie nelson

We asked Demi Spaccavento, founder of Bright Girl Health, to take our swimwear for a spin and prove just how mind-blowing it really is. The result? She discovered that your period doesn’t have to stop you from swimming and having fun. Plus, we break down how period swimwear works and answer some of our most-asked questions.


I tried Modibodi period swimwear and OH-MY-GOSH! It’s mind-blowing.

Periods shouldn't stop us from living our best life! We should be able to do the same things when we’re on our period that we would do when we don’t have our period. Let’s face it, sometimes that can be challenging. Swimming during your period can be one of those challenges. When I was 12, I got my period for the second time EVER on a family beach holiday. I wasn’t comfortable with using tampons at that point so I wore pads, which also meant I couldn’t go swimming with everyone else. It made me feel left out and I resented my period because of it.

Thankfully, period products have come a long way since I was 12 sitting on the sand alone while my friends and family were swimming in the ocean. If only I could go back in time and hand my 12-year-old self Modibodi swimwear and say, “you can keep living life on your period!”. I love that this technology can allow us to continue with life as normal even when our period arrives.

If you're new to the world of period swimwear or ever pondered, 'can you wear period undies swimming?' before stumbling upon Modibodi’s revolutionary range, then here’s everything you need to know…


How does period swimwear work?

Period swimwear kind of sounds like magic. Let’s break it down.

There is an innovative built-in lining that absorbs your period when you’re both in AND out of the water. When you bleed, the hi-tech lining will absorb your period blood with the several built-in layers of material that are both absorbent and waterproof.

The top layer is made from a comfortable, sporty mesh fabric that is breathable and waterproof, effectively locking in blood and combatting odours. It acts as the first line of defence against leaks. The bottom layer is made from a water-repellent recycled nylon fabric, providing that extra layer of protection that ensures you can hit the water without any worries.



How absorbent are they? Do you have to wear anything with them?

The Modibodi period swimwear range is meant for light period days and absorbs 2 tampons worth of blood. On a light day they can be worn alone, without a tampon, pad or menstrual cup. If you’re on a heavy day, you can pair them with a tampon or a menstrual cup for extra protection against leaks.


Will people be able to tell I’m wearing period swimwear?

I wore the Modibodi swimwear to a pool party with my friends and NO ONE knew I was wearing period swimwear. In fact, I got lots of compliments on my cute one-piece! The lining that absorbs your period isn’t chunky or bulky like a pad. The water-resistant layer prevents the water from the pool or ocean from being absorbed, so it won’t grow in size once you’re in the water. No one will be able to tell that this isn’t just your normal swimwearit’s truly mind-blowing.



How long can you wear period swimwear for?

How long you can wear them for will differ based on how heavy your flow is. With a lighter flow, you’ll be able to wear them a little bit longer. Remember, they should only be worn alone on light flow days. Wearing them alongside a tampon or menstrual cup on a heavy flow day will allow you to wear them for as long as you’re able to wear the tampon or period cup you have in. To stay hygienic and leak-free, I made sure to change mine as soon as I could after I was finished swimming so I wasn’t sitting around in them all day.


Did they dry ok or with a wet patch?

The Modibodi swimwear is made with a fast-drying water repellent fabric, so they dried quite quickly. They never dried with any kind of wet patch or stain from the period blood because the water-resistant layer doesn’t actually allow the period blood to come in contact with the outside part of the swimwear.


How do you wash and care for period swimwear?

I just rinsed them and put them in the washing machine so they would be ready to wear again! Like the undies range, be sure to put them on a cold cycle and don’t use fabric softener or harsh detergents. When they’re done, hang them out to dry and they’re good to go.


Are they good for other types of leaks?

Absolutely. Period blood is just one type of leak that period swimwear is designed for. They are leak-proof, meaning they can absorb sweat, pee and other light leaks.


I am so happy that there are options that allow us to swim on our period in a way that is comfortable and CUTE! I would recommend Modibodi swimwear to anyone who wants to swim in the ocean or pool while they have their period, and the teen swimwear range is exactly what 12 year-old Demi dreamed of. They’re even a great option for competitive swimmers whose swim training schedule doesn’t stop with their period. You can even wear the swim bottoms underneath your normal swimsuit for competitions.

It’s so empowering to have products like these in my collection that allow me to carry on with life as normal with my period!



Demi Spaccavento is the founder of Bright Girl Health, a passionate women's health educator, author and high school teacher. She is Australia’s no-filter period educator, offering our younger RED customers honest advice on periods, puberty, mental health and everything to do with tween and teen-hood.

With Bright Girl Health school presentations, Demi has presented to thousands of students across Australia, helping them to embrace their menstrual cycle. She also hosts parent and teen courses online.

Learn more about your menstrual cycle here with Demi.


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