Maternity & Post Birth Bleeding

Maternity & Post Birth Bleeding

Yep, we have a maternity range!

This range is great for catching all those unexpected leaks that come with our changing and developing pregnant bodies. Whether it’s unwanted sweat, a weak pelvic floor or leaky boobs, our maternity range provides you with comfy, sustainable support so you can focus on more important things.

All Modibodi products are made from soft and breathable fabrics and are antimicrobial so there is low to zero chance of infection when cared for correctly.

  • Our maternity singlet has easy to use clips on the straps for those hungry babies!), a supportive, but not restrictive, lining in the cups for leaky boobs. The lining is three layers and can hold up too 10mls of liquid per boob. The top layer quickly wicks away moisture, fights bacteria and stop smells, so you stay fresh and dry. The middle layer safely absorbs liquid and locks it away, and the bottom layer is extra waterproof so you won’t have any pesky leaks seeping through. The singlets are designed to be worn on their own, or under other garments for extra support or warmth.

  • Our Maternity Brief (also known as our Hip Hugger Brief) sits just under the hips, and offers a V-shaped dip in the waistband that provides comfort for growing bellies. This will be the most comfortable style for pre and post bump - extra gentle, ultra absorbent undies for expecting mums with pregnancy leaks to keep you feeling fresh.

  • For post birth bleeding, each person's flow can vary greatly and if the flow is super heavy then additional protection may be needed. Our heaviest protection is our heavy/overnight absorbency underwear. All Modibodi maternity underwear uses high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends with the latest in antimicrobial treatments to create a highly comfortable, hygienic and functional garment. We use an antimicrobial treatment that does not use nano-technology and is registered with the Environmental Protection Authority to eliminate bacteria and odour, which is necessary to maintain hygienic freshness, so when the product is cared for correctly there is no risk of infection.

You can even shop our maternity range as a pack for yourself or as a present for an expecting mum!

Have you tried our range yet? What else would you like to see us bring out? Let us know below.

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