Meet Modibodi Ambassador- Gabrielle Bartlett

Meet Modibodi Ambassador- Gabrielle Bartlett



Tell us a bit about yourself

... I think I represent many readers .... I'm a busy working mum with several "balls in the air"! I have a 10-year-old cherub who keeps me on my toes and laced between that are my 3 jobs (no rest for the wicked as they say) I work for a charity helping people with a disability find a job which is such a rewarding challenge. It's always so touching to see people's abilities have a chance to shine in a job of their own. My other job is working as an actor and model for various TV, film, photographic and print projects. Acting in theatre, film and TV was a childhood passion that never really left me ... it continues to haunt me to this day!

What does being a woman mean to you?

I consider myself blessed being a woman. Having the innate ability to draw on strength like no man can while being a source of comfort and softness all at the same time is a gift. I love expressing myself as a woman and while I eternally feel cursed with the obsession for continually looking for the next new and exciting matte lipstick, or the hypnotic urge to look at all the pretty colours a hellac manicure can provide... I wouldn't change any of those female quirks for anything!

What does the Modibodi brand represent to you?

Modibodi represents many of those same qualities that I love about being a woman. Practical yet pretty undies are in my view - the ultimate undie! Underwear that understands our diversity or different needs, but doesn't compromise our wish to feel comfortable and flattered for our shape can never be a bad thing!

What is your favourite Modibodi garment and why?

I'm crazy about the Sensual High Waist Bikini. It's leak-proof for when I catch up with my girlfriend Shirley who makes me laugh so much!!... but even though these undies are practical, they are gorgeous to look at and wear for when I stay at my boyfriend's place! Win-Win!

Where were you when you got your first period? Who did you tell first?

Most of us look back on that moment with drawn breath and a sigh of angst! I was no different but by the grace of god I was at home at the time Aunty Flo made her first uninvited visit! - Modibodi's sadly wasn't around back then .... l definitely could have used the comfort and reassurance that the Modibodi range offers - thankfully when the time comes for my daughter - things will be easier for her.

What's the best piece of advice someone has given you?

Well - in terms of love I like "what is for you won't go past you". I'm a romantic at heart so that one stands out.

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