Meet the Modibodi Model 2017 - Ella

Meet the Modibodi Model 2017 - Ella

Firstly, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm the loud one! I sing and actor and play myriad instruments - theres never a quiet moment with me

Describe how your first Modibodi shoot was!

Absolutely gorgeous, I got to hang out with a range of beautiful sexy women for the day

Do you think brands like Modibodi who celebrate real women and real bodies are making a difference for womens self esteem?

I cannot tell you how different my life would be if i had had body positive role models in my early years. So much of the world is based on how you curate your instagram and how perfect you can be that we forget to celebrate real beauty in our lives

If you could be any Modibodi garment, which would you be and why?

It's all about the Sensual Hi-waist Bikini! A little bit of lace for luxury and glamour, but surprisingly snuggly and gentle

What is your worst underwear malfunction moment?

A group of us were at Luna Park on the rotor and as it was slowing down and we slid down the wall, one of the other girls was wearing leggings which caught on the wall and ripped right up the middle and she was not wearing anything underneath! That was pretty much the end of that excursion...

What’s your favourite thing about being a woman?

Really its the balance women are allowed between strength and vulnerability. We have a lot more emotional freedom than men!

What’s your advice to someone who needs a confidence boost when it comes to embracing their body?

Be kind to your body, it never says a bad word about you... it carries your groceries, and hugs the people you love, the least you can do is be kind to yourself

Whats your number 1 beauty tip?

Be brave and try that pinterest thing, and if you don't get it the first time, just practice

What are your guilty pleasures food wise?

I love a fruit salad, with lots of grapes.... just grapes, in a glass.... wine, i like wine

What’s your best Instagram tip?

Frame your subject carefully! You can inflate a white plastic bag and shine a torch into it for DIY lighting

Finish the sentence:

My perfect day is…. A sleep-in, something creative, a glass of something on the terrace as the sun sets... then a show or a party in the evening

I started modelling because…. Body positivity is for everyone, and we deserve real icons

I love my Modibodis because…. They are so soft, they feel luxurious while being the most practical!

My greatest inspiration... is music

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