Modibodi. Life-changing apparel.

Modibodi. Life-changing apparel.

A letter from our Founder & CEO Kristy Chong

You may have noticed we look a little different. You could even say something Life-changing has happened. To explain more, we are handing over the mic to our Founder and CEO Kristy Chong

“When I founded Modibodi back in 2013 it was with the intention to create a brand that was frank and fearless and that would have conversations others are afraid to have. I was, and continue to be, committed to championing a more sustainable world, helping end period poverty and normalising conversations about periods, leaks and real bodies.

However, at Modibodi our customers are at the very centre of everything we do and over the last 9 years we have received thousands of reviews from people telling us that because of Modibodi, they can live more comfortably within themselves, and without limitations. You shared with us what Modbodi has meant to you and the number one phrase we heard time and time again was “Life-changing.”

And that makes sense to me. Life-changing is in the language woven into our brand’s DNA and sits firmly at the heart of what we do. So we listened and decided to do something about it.

We re-evaluated how we approached our work, our products and our values and decided to really think about what creating Life-changing absorbent apparel really meant to us.

We decided that Life-changing at Modibodi meant our customer's comfort. Not just in terms of the physical comfort our products give through our pioneering, innovative designs, but also, the ethical and emotional comfort you experience with Modibodi, knowing that you are doing a bit of good in the world, making a positive impact and creating a Life-changing difference for the lives that are most impacted by climate change.

Life-changing has meant being able to get our product in the hands of the differently abled and those who can’t afford it. It's about our technology and product testing being second to none. It’s about celebrating what our bodies can do, instead of what they look like. It's about our genuine commitment to life on our planet. And as always, it's about breaking down taboos and using our platform to educate and de-stigmatise bodily leaks.

Now you may have noticed we are looking a little different these days...well that’s because we have taken this Life-changing approach a step further and given our brand a bit of a Life-change too, evolving our look and feel.

Over the next few months, you may notice some more changes across our social channels and on our website too. Don’t worry though, we’re still the same Modibodi. We’re still proud to be leading a revolution with our range of absorbent underwear, activewear, maternity wear, swimwear and reusable nappies, that’s changing the lives of our customers, and life on our planet, every day.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.”

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