My Day by The Real Mumma Adele Barbaro

My Day by The Real Mumma Adele Barbaro

We take five with Mummy Blogger and Modibodi Ambassador Adele Barbaro aka The Real Mumma to hear how she balances it all. I’ve had a very varied life. I’ve been a competitive swimmer, a chef, a tour guide and lived in Spain, Italy and England.

Whilst gallivanting around Europe, I met Paul who whisked me back to Melbourne where I would find a new home and life with him. Since then, we have gone on to buy a home together, get married and then go through some difficult times to have our first-born Harvey. He came along and completely change our life and about 1.5 years later, Chloe came along as a complete and utter surprise.

These days, life is simple. It’s about family and friends and I get pleasure from the most mundane of things.

I’m a Personal Assistant to an extremely successful husband and wife and I work four days a week. My husband, Paul is in the music industry so he is often on a tour which means, between work and the kids, the juggle can be full on.

I’m a highly organised character, so that helps! But there are days that run smoothly while others can be disastrous!

My days usually begin with my alarm clock named Harvey. He has never been the best sleeper and he is up at the crack of dawn. As soon as his feet hit the floor, it’s like a hurricane through our home.

If Paul isn’t on tour, we take turns of getting both kids dressed and fed while the other showers and we try to get out the door before 9am. We usually have everything like daycare bags and our lunches, organised the night before so it’s usually pretty smooth sailing.

Other times, the boss will get a text to say I’m running a little late and I’m so lucky to have a job in which they are flexible like that! After I drop the kids at day care, I’m off to work and although I miss the kids, I am so busy and get quite consumed at work.

Every day I get an email update from the day care with a pic of the kids and what they are up to so that gives me great comfort. At 5pm, I get a huge wave of excitement as I drive to go and pick up the kids.

There is nothing like day care pick up. Those cuddles are the best. Night time is when it gets interesting. Paul works late so I am often on my own for the night time routine. I’m lucky I have good eaters. They are messy but they always have a good appetite!

And then it’s into a big blue blow up bath as we don’t have a real one! Some nights I get in too! Little Chloe is a brilliant little sleeper so she goes to bed easily at night but Harvey on the other hand, can take some time.

We read books, have cuddles and tell stories and when he is ready to drift off to sleep, I stay with him and comfort him to sleep. I love this time with him. And sometimes after a massive day, I fall sleep too. I wake up at 9pm cranky with myself all the time!

Family life can be full on but these days are some of the best of my life.

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