Period Pep Talks with Tiana Penitani

Period Pep Talks with Tiana Penitani

Oct 10, 2022sophie nelson

Let’s face it, dealing with your period while playing sport can be annoying and uncomfortable. It’s something Tiana Penitani knows a thing or two about.

As a PUMA athlete, Australian rugby league footballer, and face of our new PUMA x Modibodi period activewear range – she’s here to share her wisdom and help more girls keep their head in the game.

Period Pep Talk with Tiana.  

“It took me a few years as an elite athlete to find my rhythm and start using my period in my favour. Knowing when you're on and when you're off in terms of a four-week cycle and using that to your advantage.

When you're due for a period is when you do need to rest and when you’re on your period, you’re actually really strong. I didn't know that until later on as an athlete. It’s something I wish I knew as a teenager to change the perception that girls on their period should just be chill or not be active.”

Periods are a part of life, and sport.

“I did have an embarrassing moment. I was 17 years old, and it was the first year that I'd made my debut to play for Australia in rugby Sevens. Our uniform was yellow and we were playing on TV in a world broadcast. I had my period, it was quite heavy, and I ended up leaking through my shorts.

I'm just lucky that there was no moment in the game where the camera was close up on us. I came off the field and I had leaked through my shorts. I freaked out and I was scared that something had gotten out on camera. I ended up just changing my shorts and fixing it up. That was my most embarrassing moment. But now that I look back at it, it's a part of life. It is what it is. It's something that happens, especially in sport. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Periods shouldn’t be a barrier to exercise.

“What Modibodi and PUMA have created with period-proof activewear is incredible. It surprises me that it's something that hasn't been discovered or invented earlier.

I think I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that it's that easy. It's literally activewear that's going to keep you protected. It's leakproof. You can just go about your business with your five-day or seven-day cycle, without feeling limited, uncomfortable or scared that something is going to leak. I think it's revolutionary.”

Advice for girls in sport.

“I think when you're at that tender age, if you don't have that conversation, and you don't have the education around what to expect, it can be really intimidating and daunting.
Even when I did get my period, I was still scared and still needed my mom and was asking plenty of questions. But I was confident in the fact that I knew what to expect and I was prepared.
I think everyone has this idea and this stigma around the period being something that inhibits you and you've got to stop everything. It makes you feel sluggish, and it makes you feel tired. In reality the week before your period is when you really need to rest.
But I think when you're on your period is when your body is at its strongest and not enough people know that – especially women in sport.”

A revolution in period activewear.

The PUMA x Modibodi range is ground-breaking period activewear that combines our patent pending Activewear Technology with world-class expertise from global sports brand, PUMA.

Get your hands on two new styles – the Recycled Active Short and the 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings, in classic black or chic aubergine colour. Both styles are Moderate-Heavy absorbency, and can hold 2-3 tampons. Made to make girls, women and people with periods feel comfortable in movement.

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