Toilet training with mum of 6, Jana Pittman

Toilet training with mum of 6, Jana Pittman

We chat with Modibodi Ambassador Dr Jana Pittman about toilet training her 6 kids!

Jana has represented Australia at three Olympic Games and is the first Australian woman to compete in both a summer and winter Olympics. A two-time World Champion and four-time Commonwealth Champion in the 400m hurdles, she is recognised as one of Australia’s greatest female athletes!

Now a qualified medical doctor, specialising in women’s health, Jana is also mother to 6 children and was recently on SAS Australia where she experienced incontinence on air and spoke openly about it.

What age did you start toilet training your kids?

Toilet training your kids is such an individual thing… my first born was in nappies for way to long. In fact, he went for a sleep over at my best friends place one day when I was racing (aged 4) and I forgot to tell her he wore nappies at night so she just put him in undies and he never used nappies again! For most kids some gentle encouragement and watching for their ‘ques’ is key to knowing when to start. My little 20mth old is already on the road know 

What was the hardest aspect?

The accidents are no fun for anyone, particularly the poos but that’s part and parcel of learning. Remembering to have spare mattress protectors is essential too. Now training my toddler is harder because I have the babies too so being time poor makes it easy to say fine just put your nappy back on.

What was your go-to method?

With all my kids I have used toddler pants rather than nappy pull ups, allowing them to feel a little bit wet and uncomfortable definitely encourage them to use the toilet. We recently started Charlie on the ModiBodi toddler pants, and he loves them as they are bright and fun patterns, in the past I only had plain ones so this is helping with his interest. Another key has been getting my older kids to help, so they take Charlie to the toilet with them and let him watch the process. He is then keen to sit on the toilet too and loves his high 5 after regardless of if anything came out.

Did you find yourself putting it off?

I’s be lying if I didn’t in the past, my mum’s advice was always wait till summer, but I truly believe its got to be when the child id ready regardless of the time. When they start showing signs like ‘poo’ and grabbing their nappy or wanting to watch you on the toilet it is time.

Can you share any embarrassing or funny stories?

You would think I would with so many kids…. But other than the poo occasional poo painting and girls questioning if I was dying when they saw I had my period, not really.

Do you have any tips for other parents?

Never push them to try to early.. very few kids where nappies in high school (other than for medical reasons). If you push them they can become afraid or have an aversion to toilet training and we see far more issues like this in medicine where a child refuses to open their bowels and gets chronic issues like constipation and overflow diarrhoea. Let them be and just praise them for what they can do.

How have you found the Daytime Training Pants?

Absolutely fabulous, it hold enough urine to keep my little buddy dry but also allow him to be aware of his wetness. He loves pulling them on like a big boy and coping his big sisters.

What do you like about them and why do you think they will work?

The colour and design are fabulous, and the fabric is really nice. Naturally they are they are also environmentally friendly and reusable. They will work largely because little kids want to be in undies but mums and dads don’t want to be changing them every 5 minutes, so they are the best of both worlds!

Toilet training made easy!

Now you can stop putting off toilet training with our new Reusable Toddler Day Training Pant. Available in a handy 2-pack, these clever pants are designed to help your kids transition from nappies to undies by letting them feel when they’re damp. They’re resistant to odour, easy to use and even easier to wash. Helping to make toilet training a little less messy, and a little less stressy for the whole family.

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