Modibodi is Australia’s original and leading period and leak-proof underwear brand, and one of the most well regarded period and leak-proof underwear brands in the category. 

Modibodi is available via a dedicated website, exclusive international partners, in select stores in Australia and via Amazon. Products are exported to countries including the UK, Iceland, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, the UAE and beyond. 
If you are interested in becoming a wholesale franchise partner please fill in the enquiry form.


Many large businesses choose to embed their gender equality principles into their business through offering Modibodi products to staff via a discounted rate.
Please contact sharedvalue@modibodi.com


Modibodi is proud to the product of choice for many local and national government schemes, including the UK Government’s Period Product scheme to 20,000 schools in England. For further information or request Modibodi to tender please contact sharedvalue@modibodi.com


Our Shared Value program is specifically for charitable organisations providing an option for them to purchase products at a low price to donate to those who might otherwise have no period care solution.
Charities who meet the criteria can purchase a five-pack bundle of organic cotton period underwear in a waterproof bag, for donation to the communities they serve.  The program is open to organisations with:  

  • Deductible Gift Recipient status or Charity Number   
  • A clear program/process of donating products   
  • Ability to provide a level of education about the product to those receiving the donation . 

If you are interested in addressing period equality through the purchase of products contact  sharedvalue@modibodi.com  briefly outlining the above details.  


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