Meet the Modibodi Model 2017 - Saki

Meet the Modibodi Model 2017 - Saki

Jun 27, 2017Alice Cheng

Firstly, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I like to dance and do exercises. I have trained dancing in Tokyo, LA, and Sydney. Being a model was an unexpected path, but now I enjoy being a model.

Describe how your first Modibodi shoot was!

It was a fun shoot. I met fun and kind people, and I think we laughed a lot during the shoot. It was a great experience to me.

Do you think brands like Modibodi who celebrate real women and real bodies are making a difference for womens self esteem?


If you could be any Modibodi garment, which would you be and why?

Sassy Cheekini----it looks sexy and cute, but strong and efficient haha.

What is your worst underwear malfunction moment?

When I had my period during my flight from LA to Tokyo, my period leaked and it was obvious.

What’s your favourite thing about being a woman?

Sometimes, we have a privilege like “ladies first”.

What’s your advice to someone who needs a confidence boost when it comes to embracing their body

It took me awhile to accept who I am. I still struggle to like myself sometimes. But, I tell myself that I should appreciate what I have even though I don’t like some parts of my body because there are some who need and want what I don’t like. I more enjoy working out rather than care about how I look. I am a big fan of doing fitness and hope that many people will enjoy working out.

Whats your number 1 beauty tip?

Eat a balanced diet and exercise often.

What are your guilty pleasures food wise?

Eating a muffin or cheesecake sometimes. Just a bit!

What’s your best Instagram tip?

To be honest, I am behind on social media and other things that are popular in the world. So, I don’t have any tips.

Finish the sentence:

My perfect day is….having a great work out in a beautiful sunny day nearby the beach or dancing with a beautiful song.

I started modelling because….each picture can tell a different story and it is an art. I enjoy being a part of it especially with dance theme.

I love my Modibodi because….it supports every type of woman, not just when you have a period.

My greatest inspiration is… Polina Semionova. I am not a ballerina but I always hope to have strong and beautiful dance movement like she does. She is a classic and gorgeous lady.

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