We're unstoppable- Modibodi meets more unstoppable women

We're unstoppable- Modibodi meets more unstoppable women

May 25, 2017Alice Cheng

What does being unstoppable mean to you? Who do you admire for their strength, passion or drive?

Modibodi spoke to a couple of our favourite celebrities, mums, bloggers and all round inspiring women and asked them- Who is the unstoppable woman in their lives?


One of my favourite #unstoppable women would be Charlotta Backlund @mscharlottabacklund- she is a first time mum whose family is all overseas back home in Sweden. We all know how important the role of our mothers play when we become mothers, I know I call mine 2-3 times a day for advice or just to have her reassurance that I am doing a good job. The fact that I know Lotta doesn’t have that luxury but she keeps on pushing and smiling and doing everything she can to shower her son with love regardless of how exhausted she is, is why I admire her so much. Being a mum isn’t easy but she’s doing a bloody good job!



My #unstoppable woman in my life has to be my mother because she is simply AMAZING!



My unstoppable woman is Lydia Santoso Georgeopoulos.
She stands out in a crowd always. Has capacity unlike any woman I've seen. Always says yes. Always helps. Always smile. Always shine. Blessed to have her. She is my inspiration when it comes to what she can fit in through her days and weeks.

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