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100% Australian owned & designed
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Gift Cards

Can’t decide? Spoil them with the gift of choice...an e-gift card to choose their own, or a Give a Pair donation to treat someone else

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Practical gift cards they’ll love to receive

If you need to spoil someone you love, why not give them a gift that will change their life, and the world, for the better? Whether you’re a confirmed Modibodi fan and know someone who could use some comfy undies, or you want to give them a present that’s both practical and unexpected, a gift card from Modibodi is the perfect present. Simply select your desired value, and organise for your gift card to either be emailed to you or your lucky recipient. What could be easier?

Discover apparel, period swimwear and more from Modibodi

With so much more than just bloody comfy undies, there’s plenty for them to discover in our collection. Limited edition prints make everyday leak proof undies feel special. Gym junkies and bushwalkers will love our range of absorbent activewear, in absorbencies suitable for sweating, right up to a heavy flow. And avid swimmers and beach babes won’t be able to go past our amazing fluid protection swimwear — designed to keep fluids in even when you’re dripping wet and made from our fastest drying outer material ever. 

Our maternity and leak proof postpartum briefs, camis and nursing bras make the perfect pregnancy gift. And with a range of reusable nappies for babies too, you can really make their baby shower gift one to remember. No matter where they are in life, Modibodi gift cards give them a choice to select the right clever undies and apparel to suit their needs.

Discover gift cards and Modibodi Give A Pair

Part of Modibodi’s mission is to make a positive social impact. We think our clever undies are pretty life-changing, and we’re committed to giving access to reusable, leak proof underwear to the people who need them most. Our Give A Pair vouchers work like a gift card for good, helping to give those in need bundle packs of five pairs of Modibodis – making a huge difference to anyone struggling to access single-use menstrual hygiene products. 

Why they’ll love gift cards from Modibodi

Once you’ve gifted a pair of Modibodis, you’ll never look back. Not only are Modibodi leak proof undies better for the environment than standard single-use products, they’re comfier and better at absorbing moisture. We use super soft merino wool for a breathable, silky feel next to the skin, and microfibre materials that lock away moisture, repel odours, and have exceptional antibacterial properties. You’re guaranteed to feel fresher all day and never worry about leaks ever again. 

Transitioning to reusable leak proof apparel is so much more simple than having to change pads or tampons every few hours. The Modifier Technology in the gusset stays clean, dry and comfy after hours of wear, and even our light to moderate level of absorbency can hold up to twice that of a regular tampon. Best of all, clean up is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, rinse the undies in cold water until the water runs clear. Next, chuck them in your washing machine on a cold cycle in a delicates bag. Finally, hang on a line to air dry and they’re ready for their next wear! 

The best gift cards for Australian owned period-proof apparel

Modibodi is the original Australian owned period protection apparel brand. Designed to be a complete replacement for pads, tampons and menstrual cups, our undies are the more sustainable choice for the earth. Our gift cards allow you to shop the whole collection of period-proof undies, activewear or swimwear, made to fit and flatter every bodi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I wear these with a tampon, cup or pad?

Modibodi are a complete replacement for other leak management products. There is no need to use anything else in conjunction with them, even on your heaviest days. With absorbency options ranging from super light through to maxi-24hrs, you can feel confident every day, flow or no flow!

What size am I?

We always recommend taking your normal underwear size. 

Do I need to wash them before wear?

Yes, we recommend putting them through the wash before the first time you wear them to help to activate the technology in the gusset.

What does it feel like wearing them?

Just like regular underwear! Our tech-enabled absorbent gusset was designed to be comfy and discreet, never bulky or heavy. Just pop a pair on and go!