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  • How to deal with your daughter’s first period

    Hands up if you grew up reading Judy Blume’s young adult novel Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret? Chances are the protagonist’s first period is forever etched in your memory. Especially if you read the book around the time your own first period was due, and baulked at the idea of using the b[...]
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  • Want to know the true cost of feminine hygiene products?

    Being a woman comes at a high price. In Australia, the gender pay gap still persists, with a likely accumulative effect on women’s wealth over time. Paid parental leave was recently dismissed as being a “first world problem,” and the cost of health insurance typically comes at a higher premium [...]
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  • Work out videos you will actually love doing at home

    Struggling to get outside with young ones in tow? Spending your day stuck at a desk? Making time to exercise has never been harder or more important. The solution? Try one of our favourite online exercise routines from the comfort of your home.   Work out when you are busy     Ten minutes a day[...]
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  • Seven tips for spring cleaning inside and out

    Spring remains a time of transition, rebirth and renewal. The shift in seasons is ideal for taking care of overlooked essentials and establishing new, long-term patterns. Read our top seven tips for a fresh start inside and out. 1. Have a breast examination Breast screenings for Australian wom[...]
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  • Empowering women with a purchase

    Our mission at Modibodi was not just about designing innovative underwear, we wanted to empower women & create products that build confidence and give women the freedom to live a better life. For many women in need, basic sanitary hygiene is not available and in third world countries these[...]
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  • No laughing matter, us women deserve exceptional underwear!

    I was at a friend's birthday party the other day and was chatting with an old friend who said to me, half laughing "so I hear you are selling incontinence panties, hee, hee?" I looked him in the eye and said "well yes they can definitely work for light bladder weakness which did you know 1 in 3[...]
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  • Don't 'dis' it, it's healthy and normal, but you can take 'charge' of it!

    There are many annoying things in life, but until I developed my underwear range one of my pet dislikes (along with shaving my legs and flossing my teeth) was vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge just seemed to me a huge annoyance except for when it was needed, wink wink. However, when trying t[...]
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  • Heavy periods a pain in the pelvis

    For the 1 in 5 Australian women who suffer from heavy periods, the onset of 'that time of the month' can be very distressing. The pelvic pain they experience is uncomfortable and can be so debilitating that some women are unable to leave the house. The chances of leaking onto clothes due to the[...]
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  • Discharge is normal, but if left can be a catalyst for vaginal infection and odour

    Vaginal discharge is often unwanted, especially as it feels wet and can result in leakage through underwear. But despite feeling icky, it is perfectly normal to have 1 teaspoon a day of white or transparent, thick to thin, odourless discharge.  This normal discharge is formed by the bacteria a[...]
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  • 15,000 – the number of disposable liners/tampons used by 1 woman during her menstrual years

    This number of disposable liners/tampons is approximately equal to 120-150kg of landfill per woman. So visualise yourself now throwing away around 50 rubbish bags of liners/tampons. How does that feel? Disposables also use high tech chemicals such as super-absorbent acrylic polymers (SAPs), sur[...]
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