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  • Incontinent? You're not alone.

    Did you know more than 5 million Australians struggle with incontinence, and a huge 80% of those are women – including 1 in 3 who’ve given birth? And while people often joke about a sneaky wee here or there, incontinence has a massive impact on our ability to lead normal, active lives. And that sucks.  
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  • Q&A with a mental health expert

    One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to be in a dire situation, or suffering from a mental health condition to reach out for support. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I applaud all the women who reach out because they simply recognise they’re not living in alignment with who they truly wish to be.
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  • Modibodi launches menstrual, menopause & miscarriage paid leave

    Modibodi has launched a policy entitling its employees to paid leave explicitly for menstruation, menopause and miscarriage, in addition to the company’s existing sick leave entitlements.
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  • Up to 90% of PMDD sufferers are undiagnosed. Are you one of them?

    Is PMS ruining your life? Does yours seem much more severe than your friends? While we’re used to being told our cycle can make us ‘cranky’, ‘crazy’ or ‘emotional’, there are medical reasons for mood pre-menstrual mood changes, and, in the case of PMDD, much more serious psychological symptoms. But what is PMDD? April is PMDD Awareness Month, so let’s find out about this debilitating but widely misunderstood (and misdiagnosed) condition. 

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  • Painful heavy periods? Could it be adenomyosis?

    Struggling with painful, heavy periods? Don’t know why? Maybe adenomyosis is the answer. Of course it may not be, but adenomyosis is one of those conditions which most people don’t know about...until they find out (often a long time later) that they have it. Here’s a rundown of what it is, what to look out for, and when to seek help, because the more we talk about and normalise our periods and our bodies, the less alone we’ll feel. 

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  • Jessi and Millie's IVF journey

    Jessi and Millie were the faces of Australia’s marriage equality YES campaign in 2017, which threw them into the Australian and world-wide public eye. 2 years later, they lived their dream of officially getting married and took their audience on their journey of being foster parents and starting IVF to have a baby of their own.
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  • What action are you taking for Earth Day (and every day)?

    What action are you taking for Earth Day (and every day)?  All over the world countries, communities and individuals are joining forces to focus on how we reduce our impact on our planet.   Action is needed from from everyone starting at an individual level. If we all make small changes, big ch[...]
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  • It’s NOT like a period. Everything you need to know about postpartum bleeding

    Got questions about postpartum bleeding? Wondering what to expect? First things first, it’s NOT like a period. And while you may have enjoyed not having a period for the past 9-ish months, the postpartum period brings the bleeding back. Yep, giving birth is just the beginning. 
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  • Ever wondered why you can’t sleep with PMS?

    It might be World Sleep Day, but if you’ve got PMS or your period, you might feel like it’s World Struggling-to-Sleep Day. That’s because, for many people, periods don’t just come with mood changes, cramps and inconvenience, they also mess with your sleep, and it turns out, there’s a bunch of science behind it. This World Sleep Day we’re digging under the duvet to find out just how and why your period impacts your sleep…you know, just so you know you’re not alone. 

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  • What is endometriosis?

    For decades, young women have been taught that a painful period is simply an initiation into womanhood. Girls are warned that the first time they engage in sexual intercourse will be a painful experience and irregular menstrual cycles can be “fixed” by taking birth control pills. In reality, symptoms that are too often labelled as “normal” or “just feminine problems” are often indicators of a much more serious medical condition: endometriosis. 

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