Facebook Approves Modibodi’s The New Way To Period

Facebook Approves Modibodi’s The New Way To Period

Oct 02, 2020Nicole Christopher

We did it! The ban has been overturned!

Further to our conversations earlier this week about Facebook banning our campaign video THE NEW WAY TO PERIOD we wanted to share a very exciting and progressive update.

Facebook has today reassessed its decision and has advised Modibodi that the 60 sec film pinnacle is now approved – they are now live and running on Facebook.

Below are statements from Kristy Chong, CEO and Founder of Modibodi and Naomi Shepherd, Director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand.

Our statement:

“Modibodi’s mission is to break down taboos, help people to understand and embrace their bodies, while also looking out for the planet through our sustainable, leak-proof apparel.

As a company, we have always faced challenges head on, encouraging people to open up the conversation surrounding the issue, and ultimately, urging them to try Modibodi before making a judgement.

We’re pleased to share that Facebook has reconsidered its position on our 60-second film, so we can continue our mission to open people’s minds by taking the stigma out of what is a perfectly natural bodily function for women.

Australia needs organisations and media outlets like Facebook to help define a future where people can be proud of their bodies. We commend Facebook for taking this important step so that the next generation of women will feel empowered by their period, not ashamed,” said Kristy Chong.

Statement from Facebook:
"Encouraging open discussion about the issues Australian women face is important to me personally and to our values at Facebook. We know these issues are complicated, and our Sydney-based team has been working closely with Modibodi across the development of this campaign. After further review and consultation with our teams, we are pleased that Modibodi’s ads will now be shared across our platforms in their entirety," said Naomi Shepherd, Director, Facebook Australia and New Zealand.

Watch the campaign here

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