how does period underwear work

How do period undies work? All your questions answered

Jan 10, 2024Michelle Baker

No one knows period underwear better than the Modibodi Customer Experience Team! This talented bunch spend all day answering questions about the ins, outs, ups and downs of period underwear and they’re here now to help you get started on your Modibodi journey.

From understanding how period underwear works to knowing how long you can wear them for and which ones to buy, read our guide below to have your burning questions answered once and for all.

How do period undies work?

Modibodi period underwear works by absorbing your period with a 3mm, super absorbent lining. This clever technology is made from 3 layers, each with a different job.

The top layer, made from Australian merino wool, wicks aways moisture and naturally controls odour, while the quick-drying middle layer’s job is to absorb liquid and lock it away. Finally, the waterproof, breathable bottom layer provides additional leak-proof protection for extra peace of mind.

While it’s all a bit technical, what you really need to know is that they work together to absorb blood, pee, discharge and sweat while keeping you feeling fresh and dry.

Our period undies are available in absorbencies ranging from Super-Light (1 tampon) to Maxi (10 tampons), and they’re designed to suit all bodies, with a variety of comfy cuts and colours to choose from.

How long can you wear period underwear for?

How long you can wear period undies for depends on your period and the level of absorbency you need. To start, you can check the absorbency guide for each style to find out how much each absorbency holds.

For example, our Maxi technology is designed to hold 10 tampons, but you might still need to change them if you know you're having a heavy period day. It’s always best to keep a spare pair with you, just in case.

How long do period undies last?

When we say our period underwear is designed to go the distance, we mean it. The technology in our period undies has been lab-tested to last 100+ washes with proper care. That’s over 8 years of periods when worn once a month, and a significant chunk of your landfill contribution gone!

How do I wash my period undies?

It’s easy-peasy to wash your period undies. Just take them off and rinse them under cold water until the water runs clear. We recommend doing this when you jump into the shower.

Then, throw them into a wash bag and put them on a cold, gentle cycle with detergent. The secret is a low spin. Once they’re all clean, hang them inside out so gravity does the drying work for you. Ta-da.

How do I get the blood out of my period underwear?

Don’t fret. There’s an easy way to get blood out of your period pants. Simply rinse under cold water, add some detergent to the gusset and give them some elbow grease. Then rinse and repeat. This will not only ‘reset’ your undies but also give them a good deep clean. If they still feel wet when you take them off, rinse them under cold water, and they are ready for the washing machine.

How do I know when to change into a fresh pair?

Your Modibodi will help you know when it’s time to change. Once your pair feels slightly wet or heavy against your skin, it's time to change into a freshie.

How do I know what absorbency to buy?

Some maths coming, so bear with us! If you’re wearing a super light pad but changing it twice daily, you could go for a pair of Light-Moderate Modibodi, which will only need to be changed once daily.

If you're wearing a regular pad and changing 3-4 times a day, then you could choose our Maxi range, which you might need to change a few times a day. Our best advice is to get an absorbency higher than you normally would, so you know you’ll be protected. From there, you can mix and match absorbencies and styles to suit your cycle.

Do period undies smell?

Good news, our period undies are specially designed not to smell, even after wearing them all day. The absorbent lining in our undies is made from Australian Merino Wool, which is naturally odour-controlling. Win!

The truth is, any clothing left with stains will eventually start to smell, whether it’s blood, urine, food or even water. If you clean and dry your Modibodi undies properly, they will not smell at all.

Can you wear period undies overnight?

Of course! Have you seen our sleep shorts? They’re totally life-changing. We also have a Heavy-Overnight range specially designed to keep you dry throughout the night.

Are period undies unhygienic?

The short answer? No. This is a common misconception and is always the first question we get asked. Our patented technology keeps you feeling dry and fresh; no need to worry about that wet feeling. When reusing your underwear, just like any other clothing that needs a wash, they’re completely hygienic if you clean them properly.

Do period undies replace other period products completely?

Our undies are designed as a reusable alternative to disposable period products, and with the right absorbency, you won’t need tampons, pads or a menstrual cup. But if you want added protection for extra heavy days, you can still wear a tampon or menstrual cup with them.

Do period undies work?

If you’re still sceptical about whether they’ll actually keep you dry and leak-free, just know we won’t let you down. Our undies are designed to replace disposable period products, and to cover your entire menstrual cycle, from your lightest to heaviest flow day.

If you’re still not sure, we offer a 60-day risk free trial, so you can try your first pair, no strings attached.

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