Join us and make period underwear available to people who need it most. 

Introducing the Modibodi Period Collective: an Australian-wide project providing reusable period underwear to the 6 million+ Australians who would otherwise go without.The best part? Modibodi customers along with any brand or business wanting to say goodbye to period equality can join the Period Collective.

What it is

The Modibodi Period Collective is a partnership with our three charity partners Stars Foundation, Thread Together and Women’s Health Tasmania, our customers and other brands to raise funds and get a 5-pack bundle of reusable period underwear into the hands of people who need them.  

Powered by online platform i=Change, who help brands and communities like ours, create meaningful change whenever they shop, by simply making donations at checkout to initiatives like The Period Collective.  

How you and other brands can support

The next time you shop with us, you can choose to donate to the Modibodi Period Collective before you checkout. 

While other brands and businesses can simply add the Modibodi Period Collective to their own online store, through the i=Change portal, giving more brands and customers the ability to donate too.  

The more donations made; the more period bundles given to those in need. 

Why we started it

If you don't think twice about getting your period, you’re the minority. It seems almost crazy to consider that in 2023, over half of Gen Z and Millennials in Australia, have found it difficult to access and afford period products when they need them*, forcing them to choose between essentials like food, and managing their period.

The ramifications? Missing school, work, and social activities, losing income, higher health risks and mental struggles. Together, we can help end the cycle.

The partners who make it happen 

Womens Health Tasmania: A state-wide service that works with people affected by poverty, homelessness and family violence. The organisation empowers all those who identify as a woman, to be informed and active decision makers in their own health. 

Stars Foundation: uses a highly successful, tailored approach to provide holistic mentoring support to one of the most at risk groups in Australia – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women. Stars operates full-time, intensive support programs for Indigenous girls in schools, with the aim of improving health and education outcomes for this cohort. 

Thread Together: Collects brand new unsold clothing from around Australia, saving it from landfill and keeping it in circulation by distributing each week to thousands of people struggling to find clothes they need for work, school and participation in social occasions.  

Our hope

As a brand, we’ve always strived to make changing the world as easy as changing your underwear. We believe reusable period protection is life changing. We believe period inequality is solvable. And we believe in a future where women and girls can manage their period with dignity, safely and with confidence.  We want this to be our reality now — not by willing it to be so, but through collective action. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re only one person, one team, or one business. One action is and always has, meant the difference. The Modibodi Period Collective is determined to be the difference where millions of girls and women are now, and where they could be.  

Join us. 

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