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Maternity Essentials – Yes, You’ll Need Absorbent Underwear

At some point in just about every pregnancy, there comes “baby bladder”. It’s that dreaded moment when a big sneeze makes it obvious that you require more protection. Most maternity wardrobes don’t include reliable, trustworthy, absorbent underwear. Enter Modibodi.

Modibodi gives every mother-to-be the confidence to sneeze in public! Enjoy the support of our patented Modifier Technology ™ woven into gorgeous women’s underwear to rival any designer label.

Why Modibodi absorbent underwear makes perfect (dollars and) sense!

It happens to just about all of us at some stage in our childbearing years. There’s no point fearing maternity incontinence, but you might fear the cost! After 280 days of pregnancy, two maternity pads a day…

without Modibodi, you will spend around $500 on sanitary products during your pregnancy!

That’s money far better spent on gorgeous nursery décor!

You’re doing something incredible! You’re making a human being – and baby bladder is an uncomfortable and all too common side effect of this amazing process. Unfortunately, too, pregnancy incontinence doesn’t always go away when the pregnancy does.

Investing in Modibodi’s high quality, high absorbency, easy-wash maternity underwear makes managing incontinence so simple. You will save thousands on disposable incontinence products while enjoying beautiful, comfortable, and discrete under garments.

Find your perfect fit with Modibodi absorbent underwear

Modibodi stretches with your body. Our boy-leg, hipster absorbent underwear sits comfortably under your bump from day one to those long final days. Simply browse our range in sizes 10 to 18! Discreet and reliable online ordering plus delivery straight to your door means no one will ever have to know your secret.

Leak proof breastfeeding tops

Great milk flow might make you feel like a superhero – but no wonder woman wants wet patches! Our practical, leak proof breastfeeding singlet tops will become your go-to favourite shirts.

Modibodi has created the only absorbent breastfeeding top designed to be 100% functional and stylishly flattering. Our tops are designed by mothers – because we’ve all been there! From size 10A to 18G, feel comfortable, confident and embrace your superhero powers!

Post-natal absorbent underwear

Your maternity Modibodis are created to change with your shape. After the bub is born, keep on wearing these stylish boy-leg undies. When it’s time to get back to briefs (or thongs or active wear) Modibodi has your body covered. From a light leak to full protection, Modibodi absorbent underwear is designed for every body.

Absorbent underwear CAN be practical and stylish with Modibodi.