Don’t just take our word for how great our modern underwear is, meet the modern women with a fearless take on making our “unmentionables” absolutely mentionable. They are in tune with their bodies- comfortable, confident and fiercely themselves.

Read For Yourself What Some of Our Customers Have to Say

Dear Modibodi,
I’m a little angry. I’m 26 years old. That’s a lot of period. Why weren’t you around when I was 12? I’m sure you know this but female sanitary products have a GST tax placed on them and condoms don’t?!? That is the first reason I was looking for an alternative to the nasty products which I have been using regardless of the slight allergic reaction I had to them, making that time of the month all the much worse. Since the age of 12 I have had to skip days of school (and since, work) because it was just that heavy, I was continuously worried about leakage and I couldn’t think through that and the pain. This month, I thought I would try Modibodi and my goodness IM IN LOVE. The bamboo undies are so so so soft and pretty too! I was thinking about posting a photo of my undies previously reserved only for those particularly heavy days, but I was too embarrassed. While your pretty undies can’t take away the pain they definitely make my bloated belly feel a lot sexier! I slept in them for the first time last night and I didn’t have to worry about the undies being messed up in my sleep as I would a pad, there was absolutely no leakage and I woke up feeling like I didn’t have my period at all. In the past, the first thing I would do would be to go straight to the toilet and change my product but I didn’t feel gross one bit in Modibodi. I just really wanted to say thank you so much for creating these beautiful, useful, delightful undies. I really feel like they might change my period forever. Thank you!

Helen Griffith

My name is Kimberley Smith, I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher and the founder of the Fit Mummy Project App. Since having my first born four years ago, I have struggled with incontinence. Some times it is inconvenient. Sometimes it is purely humiliating and crushing. Not being in control of your bladder at age 35 isn’t something I imagined for myself. There were times when I couldn’t pick up my daughter because I knew that if I did, that extra weight would cause me to wet my pants. I have run around shopping centres holding on between my legs like a little girl busting to go to the toilet.

As a personal trainer, I always felt like I should be in control of my incontinence. And so I continued to work at my pelvic floor exercises, reduced any high impact exercise and spent a small fortune on seeking advice and support to help me to reduce my incontinence. However, despite all of this, there are times where I have needed that extra support. I only recently discovered ModiBodi and I can’t believe the difference the ModiBodi Underwear has made to my level of confidence. I originally ordered two pairs. After owning them for a week, I went straight back online and ordered 3 more. They are comfortable, convenient and confidence boosting. That ticks all the boxes for me.

Kimberley Smith / The Fit Mummy Project App

Okay you guys I am legit OBSESSED with these Modibodi undies. You just put them on when you have your period and… that’s it. IT MAGICALLY DEALS WITH YOUR PERIOD AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO WEAR A TAMPON OR A PAD OR ANYTHING WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT? I dunno how it works – all I know is these undies are all I’m wearing when I have my period now. Totally life-changing. This isn’t even sponsored, I just love them so much and can’t believe they actually work. PERIOD MAGIC.

Rosie Waterland

I am so glad I made the plunge and purchased these. I’m someone who can’t seem to get a leak proof result with a cup as well as finding them painful to remove. I have extremely heavy flow which I am on medication for and I decided to give the heavy version a proper review. I was extremely impressed, so much so that I ended up missing my medication because I simply thought for some reason my flow had dramatically slowed. It hadn’t, these were just doing an incredible job. So comfortable and I’ll definitely buying some more. I’m also very excited that these are an option for when my daughter is older. Sizing I’ve found runs true and is accurate off the charts. The only thing I would like to see change is a label indicating the absorbency – even maybe just like the tampon images. I have found that I can’t remember which are which will become more difficult the more I own. Thank you for such a powerful product.


The best period underwear on the market, it gives you that extra coverage on the really bad days, they have been a blessing for my teenage daughter while at school can’t recommend these more highly for children on the spectrum who struggle with their bodies changes.


So comfortable. I used to need to change undies at least once due to odour from discharge or light leakage. Now I can be confident and comfortable!! Buying more soon. Chucking out my yucky old undies.


These really are great. I was dubious, but after day 1 I am sold. Great fit- I am bottom heavy, and the size 12 is great without being too high waisted or high cut. The light absorbency is perfect for my light periods without anything else. I really wanted to test their limits, so I went a full 24-hour day of wearing one pair whilst on Day 1 of my period. No leaking at all, but after about 20 hours there is the beginning of only the slightest of subtle funks. But the smell is not anything as bad as with a pad and only noticeable to the most intimate of friends, and by that I mean the family dog. If you start the day with a fresh pair and end the day with a fresh pair, you’d be perfectly placed– fresh, dry, and 100% confident with leak/period/odour protection. These are fantastic and I want one in every colour (so glad that there are more colours to choose from!).


After having 3 kids I was having to wear a liner almost every day. Other than this being costly, I was not comfortable with the amount of waste I was throwing away. I am not an environmental crusader or anything, just a mum that is becoming more and more aware of the amount of waste my family is generating. So, I have started to make small manageable changes here and there to reduce the amount of rubbish going into landfill. So I found these undies as one of my changes. They are BRILLIANT!! So comfy & absorbent. I was worried at first spending so much money as I usually buy really cheap undies from Target. But this is one of those changes that you can NEVER go back from….. It will be Modibodi undies for me from now on!! They fit perfectly. I am a size 16 and I like my undies to sit up near my waist with a high cut leg. These are PERFECT!!


I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE. Honestly have no idea how I coped with my bladder condition before these. I can even use them on light-moderate period days without any pads/tampons – no worries!


I initially bought one pair to test the waters (pun intended) and loved them so much I bought 4 more pairs of sensual hi-waist in light and moderate absorbancies and 4 pairs of the classic classic briefs in the light absorbancy. Now they are all I wear and I’ve never felt so comfortable and confident. After having an endometrial ablation a few years ago, my cycle has become very light and standard pads and tampons are usually overkill so modibodi undies are the perfect solution for my cycle (and every day in between). Now I feel protected and comfy everyday and LBLs while sneezing are no longer a worry either! All my standard undies are woefully neglected and headed for the bin and I’m telling all my friends to grab some modibodi undies too!


I was interested to try the modibodi underwear, I love to exercise and like to remain dry and comfortable during it. On hot days it is nice to have breathable underwear to not get to sweaty. I found the modibodi underwear super comfortable that I even forgot I was wearing them! I remained, dry, and there was no concern as I wore them on a very busy day. I now need to purchase more so that I can wear them more often. I would recommend them to anyone that needs comfy underwear and worried about remaining dry. These are fabulous and you should give them a go


This pair of underwear is very comfortable throughout my busy day and had a soft fabric and great shape. This moisture control technology is awesome. It meet all my needs, especially I just gave birth not too long ago. I am tired of using liner and embarrassed with the odor. Highly recommend to everyone. Give it a try!! I am very happy with this underwear. Thanks


I first tried these for working out and I have to say they are really comfortable. I don’t like wearing pads and I thought they may be a little bulky, but they feel like regular underwear, have great absorbency, and are super comfortable. These are now everyday underwear, rather than just workout underwear.


So this is my second order, also have the sensual in black, and again another fab product. Comfortable, great fabric and super fit. Great that you’re sizing is true to size. Been wearing them all day and feel lovely and fresh.


As an older woman, I’ve found the modi products just devine. Comfortable, flexible, non-slip and breathable. Light as air and NO pinching. Well done – love them all.


Breathable, comfortable, and durable underwear! Love the fabric AND what the company is about!


Great fit and cut, incredibly comfortable and liberating – I love the freedom of not having to wear panty liners heading into and out of my period, and also the security of knowing that I can wear whatever I want without fearing leakage.


I LOVE these knickers! Pretty and practical, and very comfortable. Just need to get more pairs so I can wear them everyday…


Love them! Pretty and perfect, comfy and dry all day, so perfect for yoga after work and running around all day. I’m telling all my friends to save their poise money and buy great undies instead!


These are the most comfortable undies I have EVER worn. As a curvy girl I’m always on the hunt for the perfect fit that’s flattering as well as comfy. Snug and comfortable without even a hint of “muffin top”, and with both cheeks fully contained. The built in liner eliminates “sweaty crotch” which is brilliant for summer and the gym. Modibodi Sensual Hi-Leg, you have won me over!


I love these undies, they are the best invention ever…..no more sweating or leakage. will never purchase any other brand again, now that I have found these. Thank you.


Very impressed with how dry you do stay. I love gardening in the warmer months and suffer from sweating and chaffing in the groin area as a result. Modibodi are perfect for this issue. Even though you can feel the moisture on the outside of the garment they are perfectly dry and comfortable otherwise. They are perfect for everyone. Highly recommend to all.