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  • Q&A With Jacci; A Queer, Non-Binary, Veteran, Autistic, Comedian and Anthropologist

    Have you ever met a queer, non-binary, autistic, veteran, comedian and anthropologist? Jacci ticks all those boxes, but they won't let you put them in a box!  Did those pronouns confuse you just then? Then keep reading because to celebrate PRIDE month this year Jacci is here to help you understand why ‘they’ choose to use the pronouns they/their/them.  

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  • Incontinence Q&A with Shani

    Shani is a Melbourne mum who is on a mission to spread body love and body positivity – she’s learnt to embrace her changing body post birth and appreciate all that it can do for her and her daughter. One of the new changes that she has been experiencing is bladder leaks. For Continence Week this year we’ve asked her to share a bit about her experience and how Modibodi has helped.
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  • Incontinence Tips From A Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

    Happy World Continence Week! That one week in the year where pelvic floor physiotherapists, continence nurses, gynaecologists, and urogynecologists can have their time to shine and spread the word! Mai Vu is a pelvic floor physiotherapist working at major maternity hospital in Melbourne.
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  • #BLM

    We will continue to listen, learn and educate ourselves. We will commit this time to not only thoughts but actions, to use our platform and resources to actively support and make space for BIPOC. We are committed to long lasting change within our company, community and the world.

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  • DJ Tigerlily On Living Sustainably

    Most of you probably know DJ Tigerlily, but did you know her real name is Dara and as well as being a DJ, she is also a producer and wellness enthusiast. Earlier this year we reached out to see if she would be interested in testing out our vegan range- "Not going to lie, I was sceptical at first about using them."

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  • Ways We Can Become More Sustainable

    With World Environment and Ocean Day coming up we wanted to ask ourselves what are some ways we can change the way we live to be more sustainable?In the Modibodi office we are always conscious of the amount of waste we produce in-house and are always looking for ways to adapt and be better; however small the steps are. We reached out to one of our customers Maali, who is currently living in a very full household with her family, to see what changes they have made around the house to become more sustainable.

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  • A Dietitian's Top 5 Tips To Help With Period Bloating

    Ebony Crameri is a women’s health & fertility Dietitian with over 10 years clinical experience. Her goal is to help women have healthier menstrual cycles, support their hormone health & improve their fertility using nutrition. Here are some of her favourite, bloat busting tips that she uses with her clients to help them find relief. 
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  • Mother's Day With My New Roommates

    Mother’s Day, like most days this year, is going to feel different. We’ve invited a Mum, one of Modibodi’s own in fact, to get her perspective on the upcoming celebrations and how lock-down has turned life upside down in an unexpected, but delightful way.

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  • Q&A - Living With PMDD

    Lynda Pickett is a survivor of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder - a condition very few people have heard of. PMDD is a hormone-based mood disorder, characterised by severe psychological, and sometimes physical symptoms, that arise in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, and are a severe reaction to hormonal fluctuations. Symptoms occur during the week or two before menstruation and go away within a few days after bleeding begins. When she first presented with symptoms to her doctor, she felt her experience was somewhat downplayed as being just PMS – something that all women experience.
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  • Earth Day - It's The Little Things That Help

    At Modibodi we are committed to changing the habits and use of disposable products, we encourage and advocate for sustainable living at all levels, even if it’s just one small change at a time. It’s the little things we do that can make a big difference! To celebrate Earth Day we have asked our team to share how they have changed their habits to become more sustainable around the house -apart from all using their Modibodi of course.
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