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  • I tried period swimwear (here's how it went)

    How does period swimwear work? How absorbent are they? Do you have to wear anything with them like a tampon? Will people be able to tell I’m wearing period swimwear? Find out here!

  • Menopause: signs and symptoms with Dr Jana Pittman

    Jana has represented Australia at three Olympic Games and is the first Australian woman to compete in both a summer and winter Olympics. A two-time World Champion and four-time Commonwealth Champion in the 400m hurdles, she is recognised as one of Australia’s greatest female athletes!  Now a q[...]
  • First Nations and Menstruation

    Modibodi believes that everyone should experience their period without shame or having to worry about access to menstrual products.   Unfortunately, far too many people who menstruate struggle to afford adequate period products when their time of the month comes around; one in five Australians,[...]
  • How stress can affect your period

    Stress and anxiety can impact every single aspect of your body – so it makes sense that being in fight or flight mode can trigger strange effects on your period. From irregular periods to skipping your monthly bleed all together, stress can make menstruation messy.   Before we dive into the nit[...]
  • Do periods affect athletes?

    Some days when you're training do you feel blah and other days you feel you can smash your PB? Have you ever thought that where you are in your cycle can impact your performance? We chat to Emily Shears, the Founder of the Female Athlete Network and AFLW Player Engagement Manager. By way of ba[...]
  • How can your cycle work for your workout?

    Did you know your cycle can affect the way you move your body? This month, we chatted to Womens Health Nurse Georgia Avery to get to the bottom of periods and exercise, so you can go with your flow. Read the blog now.  
  • Periods and Karate

    We chat to Sophie Wachter professional Karate athlete who competes for the German National Team, to find out how her period affects her performance.  Do you find that your menstrual cycle can disrupt your training schedule?  Absolutely. Especially due to my endometriosis disease, it is not poss[...]
  • PUMA x Modibodi. A revolution in period activewear is here.

    Alert your teammates, because the day has finally come...   Our latest collaboration with PUMA is here and, if you ask us, it’s an exciting one. After uncovering a disturbing stat that 1 in 2 girls quit sport due to their periods, we knew we had to do something about it. So together with global[...]
  • Period Pep Talks with Tiana Penitani

    Let’s face it, dealing with your period while playing sport can be annoying and uncomfortable. It’s something Tiana Penitani knows a thing or two about.   As a PUMA athlete, Australian rugby league footballer, and face of our new PUMA x Modibodi period activewear range – she’s here to share her[...]
  • Meet our Carbon Neutral Pants

    How can such a small pair of underwear be doing such big things for our planet? The answer is simple. To create these pants, we did a whole lot of work to understand the impact our products have. The goal being to make sure they are great for you, while having as  small of an impact as possible[...]