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  • Vegan Period Undies!

    Yes, vegan period undies! What makes it vegan you ask? They do not contain wool like our regular styles. “The thing that was a big drawcard for me to Modibodi was the sustainable aspect. Now that Modibodi has released an entire vegan collection, they're more sustainable than ever!” DJ Tigerlily, vegan enthusiasts.
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  • Comedy Duo: Don't Call Me Mommy

    Don’t Call Me Mommy is a content creation duo from the US, Haely White and Samantha Gutstadt who create comedy about mum life. It’s therapeutic, they swear. Combining their seasoned backgrounds in advertising, sketch comedy, video production and social media
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  • Modibodi's Top 5 Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint!

    Modibodi's Top 5 Tips for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint! Single use products are not only bad for our planet because they end up in landfill or flushed down our waterways polluting our oceans, but the production process - energy, raw materials, carbon emissions - is detrimental as well. Swit[...]
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  • What is PCOS?

    Kayla is a customer of ours and is also living with PCOS. She is the creator and founder of The PCOS Bible, a community she developed to help her navigate her symptoms and connect with fellow PCOS sufferers. Empowering others to understand their bodies better and take back control of their hormones. We asked a few FAQ's to get some answers on PCOS. 

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  • Facebook Approves Modibodi’s The New Way To Period

    We did it! The ban has been overturned! 

    Further to our conversations earlier this week about Facebook banning our campaign video THE NEW WAY TO PERIOD we wanted to share a very exciting and progressive update. 
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  • Facebook Ban Our Advert Due To The Depiction Of Blood

    On 16th September we launched our new campaign with our 60 second film titled “The New Way To Period, which aims to demonstrate that there is an alternative way to manage periods, as opposed to the habitual using of disposables that are clogging our oceans and taking over 500 years to break down in landfill.  
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  • The New Way To Period

    We are so excited to share our new campaign - The New Way to Period. We decided to make this film/video to show womxn that periods are normal and that they now have better, more sustainable options than eco-damaging reusables. Historically, people have been taught to feel uncomfortable, unnatural and gross about their periods, and this film/video inspires us to break down those barriers and empower women to feel however they want to feel, because there is a new way to period with Modibodi. 

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  • Incontinence | The Run Down

    Incontinence is a term used to describe an involuntary or accidental loss of urine, to those who experience it – it's a lot more complicated and fraught with emotion. At Modibodi we are constantly striving to open up the conversation and taboo of incontinence, so people don’t have to suffer in silence. Its more common than you think!
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  • Living With Endo

    Endometriosis is an often-painful disorder in which tissue like the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon. When it comes to our periods and our bodies in general, there’s real value in sharing personal experiences – which is why we reached out to Georgia, one of our customers, to hear about her personal journey with Endo. 
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  • Common Health Questions - Answered, With Dr Natasha!

    It’s important to remember that each individual’s health is so unique, and therefore we should all remember to muster the effort – or courage – to get those check ups we’ve been meaning to have, even if you think Google’s got you covered. We spoke to Dr Natasha Andreadis, an expert in the field, to provide us with the facts when it comes to some of our most common and burning health questions. 

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